Nebulas / NASGoogle for Blockchain ?

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Nebulas is being called the Google for blockchain. But is it really a good comparison? Just what is Nebulas trying to do?

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Nebulas / NASGoogle for Blockchain ?

33 Пікірлер

  1. Great to see you feature NAS! I went to see Hitters Xu present this here in NYC at Columbia University back in November and he was just fantastic, and unbelievably passionate about blockchain tech. I’ve been quietly accumulating since it debuted on Gate 🙂
    Guess the cat is now out of the bag

  2. But why does the NAS token have value even if the Nebulas network gets adopted? Is the NAS token even *necessary*? I think the most interesting part is theBuild your own Dappbitthat will facilitate the growth of the community.
    I guess the dapp store? Just thoughts I’m considering and wondering, before I’d put my money in.

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