NebulasDecentalized Blockchain Search Engine? The Next Google?

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Here is our review of the Nebulas project which perhaps should be considered as the Google of cryptocurrency. This is an ambitious project with a strong team and a great idea. If they deliver on their roadmap, they could be one of the big players in 2018 and possibly even make its way into the top 10 in the future. I expect big gains in the months to come. What do you guys think of it? Leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts.


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NebulasDecentalized Blockchain Search Engine? The Next Google?

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  1. Hey charlie, NAS was one of my fav picks. I think you’ll also like $PYLNTis a $POWR competitor but with already working platform. Very active team with constant communication, only 633k total supply (!) Complex roadmap and already big number of partnerships. Never saw real price action before. Amazing amazing coin.and not to mention, тек 10 mil market cap!

    if you like these, and review them, I would love a shoutout on twitter @cryptobargains

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