NAV Coin On A Bull Run! Big Year Ahead Still

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You guys have been asking us to look into NAV Coin, nearly each and every time we have been bringing up Privacy Coins. After the Bulls started running with this coin, it's hard to ignore any longer!

NAV Coin On A Bull Run! Big Year Ahead Still

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  1. Altcoin Buzz apologize I misspoke there Steve. I was reading up on NAV and read up on XVG already. Seems like NAV has similar, but better tech for a similar aim, in their project. Сондай-ақ,, as you showed in the video. Their coin price has a defined baseline. I realize Wraith is supposedly going to be announced tomorrow by XVG, but is it too late? Сондай-ақ,, XVG experienced a major dip today because of a false story, just ahead of the Wraith announcement on Wednesday. Seems like XVG may recover from the dip, if they are successful with Wraith, but the damage seems mightier than the average pump and dump, caused from the Binance competition over the past week. Maybe it’s an attempt to bring the price down for a major grab, ahead of the Wraith announcement tomorrow, so they can ride it back up. I guess, we shall see. -Scott

  2. You are telling ppl to dyor and you barely researched this coin and put up a lousy video like this? Not a single mention of NAVs anon-dapp platform that is coming up or about polymorph, or even about how their private transactions work


  3. Nak Koe invested 4500$ into iota at 0.78,0,85 және 1.7. жанында 5$+ per miota bought 16000 cardano at 0.1, 2500 sub at 0.32 және 515 ethos. When cardano mooned to 0.5 i bought 275 omisego and neo. Now i hold 2000 miota, 8500 Cardano, 500 ethos, 275 omg, 22 neo and 2523 sub for 2018(around 20k$ atm). Made almost x5 in 1.5 months but still feeling bad for not buying nav, i knew it would be huge but something stopped me..

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