Naomi BrockwellBitcoin Revolutionary, Empowering, & Vital

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In this Interview Naomi Brockwell we discuss Bitcoin investing, the power of cryptocurrencies in the developing world, banks and venture capital, and so much more !

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Naomi BrockwellBitcoin Revolutionary, Empowering, & Vital

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  1. don’t forget to like this video guys! we are starting to see a trend develop that we need to help support, in that you prominent members of the space along with upper echelon of crypto youtbers are doing there part to see that Bitcoins mission statement becomes reality as we welcome and acknowledge those women who have taken to the blockchain revolution and are doing there part to help prove that this is indeed a fair and equally oppertune space that rewards peoples hard work and dedication to the cause no matter what gender, нәсіл, orientation or economic status they are. Cheers to the lark and to Naomi for hitting this one right on the “ақша” with this interview. Timing could not be more perfect and execution as always for any lark interview is on par with the best. Congrats to you both for a truly excellent job with this video. #BItcoinIsForEveryone

  2. Patryk Karter likewise mate. I am here for two reasons. To invest in things I believe in and to try to raise money to set up my vegan business. If I can get the money together I can begin making the world a little bit better each day 🙌🏼

  3. no shaving until btc hits 20 k again 😉 #noshavetill20k it’s my personal challenge to everyone! even females lol, well not a challenge more or less just like hockey playoffsbelievewe all know it will hit 20 k and beyond but just a lil fun,in the journey 😉

  4. About america and Ben Lawsky, they just want to be in control and are more worried about the USD than seeing the posibilities in all these awesome new companies. The covernment want to just control it all, and they are really scared i think, cause they can´t. Great vid.

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