Huge Crypto Catalyst? The European Mediterranean Seven Alliance

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Испания, Португалия, Италия, Франция, Мальта, Кипр, and Greece are all teaming up to make an incredibly important blockchain alliance.



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Huge Crypto Catalyst? The European Mediterranean Seven Alliance

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  1. This is incredible. You’re talking about near-failed states . . . Грекия, Италия, Испания . . . getting ahead of the curve on cryptocurrencies as an alternative to the European Union way of economics? It’s mind-blowing. Is it possible that desperate times call for desperate measures? But that in this case it’s not so desperate as the right cryptos brings truth and honesty to a system that works? I have to tell you Crypto Lark you are so ahead of things . . . amazing. All it takes is for one small coalition for the rest to follow. One small success followed by a big success. I like that the Swiss are neutral and always have been. Smart they are. I see them as a silent partner in the world. It’s how a happy marriage survives . . . because of one silent partner.

  2. Hmm Portugal the land of bad decisions ……….I know lets join the Euro,our economy is not suitable but …….I know lets borrow billions of Euros and bankrupt ourselves……..I know lets become Socialist it failed everywhere else………I know lets sign the Migration compact ……..lets sign a crypto pact then run cryptos out of town.

  3. Nice video as always Lark, with some great content, but thought I’d point that the current Govt is Spain is actually the Socialist Party (PSOE), and much more likely to take a positive slant on crypto than the PP, given their tendency for not relishing decentralisation.

  4. +The Crypto Lark In my humble opinion I don’t think so. I’m from Spain and your comment about the cryptospace is biased, I’d like to comment on the news a little bit since I live in Spain. Government of Spain (currently held by the left wing, not the Popular Party) has joined that agreement of good intentions, but what really matters here is to collect taxes on cryptocurrencies, the more the better.
    Just an example, in Spain the Treasury charges a fee for having goods abroad for more than € 50.000 (салымдар, шоттары, акциялар… crypto excluded, but don’t worry because that matter we have covered well. it’s paid in the Income Tax). In February 2017 the EU declared this tax illegal (for having goods abroad), because it goes against 5 citizen’s fundamental rights. The Treasury in Spain has tried to hide it and continue charging it with disproportionate finesUntil October 2018, which is when it has been made public.
    Long story short, this tax is almost a scam and nothing happens here. солай, for now I am not too happy for the aforementioned agreement of these seven countries. We’ll see how it goes.
    Love your channel Crypto Lark, keep the good work.

  5. You know it wasn’t until Colorado decided to legalize marijuana to see the tax revenue go up and violent crimes go way down. When all of a sudden we’re 10+ states later in a few short years. Crypto adoption will be no different. Once one country starts running with the ball it’ll never drop. The benefits are far too great.

  6. Singularity net are working with Malta on their National AI strategy. I know it involves a Robot citizen test. So I guess other parties may follow? I’m not keen on government involvement in the crypto space but I guess AI is coming and if AGI can keep them honest (don’t laugh) it’s better than ending up with something out of a comic book! If you know what I mean!

  7. +A Haeg Very true they screwed themselves and the wealthy still don’t pay taxes. It is the no. 1 sport in Greece until today: tax evasion. They also screwed themselves by lying about their GDP when joining the Euro.

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