How to Use and Buy Bitcoin? Monaco Card and Local BitcoinsFounders Speak at BEF 2018

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The Altcoin Buzz team met up with Kris Marszalek, Founder and CEO of Monaco Card and Jeremias Kangas, founder of Local Bitcoins dot Com at LAT Blockchain Economic Forum 2018 in Singapore.

We discuss about what is happening with their companies and what they think about the current cryptocurrency scene.

How to Use and Buy Bitcoin? Monaco Card and Local BitcoinsFounders Speak at BEF 2018

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  1. What i dont understand is who would accept the card? I own a business and accept credit cards, but my credit card processing company only accepts certain cards and each card has it’s own rates charged to me, Компания.

  2. Thanks for the great video on Monaco, Good, crisp camerawork. Very good to see Monaco getting some airtime, they are vastly underrated. Also the questioning and time spent for the Monaco interview was very good, giving a good insight into what the company is about and the CEO’s views and responses. Please keep up the same format with further video’s. Great work.

  3. I recommend that you check out their website as an initial source of information then perhaps join the Slack Channel when they have regular Questions and Answers with the CEO. There is a lot more to this company than initially meets the eye from one interview/post.

  4. There have been several crypto cards launched, each with varying degree’s of success and more on the way. Internet searches should bring you up to date. Monaco is unique though in several ways. Cards are still in the process of being reserved via the Monaco onboarding app. Shortly there will be a Beta app, then global app released and then the cards shipped so exciting times ahead.

  5. Monaco is going to be absolutely massive! They do seem slow getting there cards out, but they are ensuring they are fully compliant in most countries allowing the cards to be used everywhere. The fact I can spend my crypto whenever I wants sits very well with me.

  6. Local Bitcoins is fast, but their customer service definitely isn’t. God knows they don’t care about their users. Have u seen the localbitcoins subreddit? The truth is out there, don’t be fooled.

    Oh and btw, this channel’s comments are paid.

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