How to Stake and make Passive Income from CryptocurrenciesSocial SendPart 1

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Staking is a way to make extra income from keeping coins in your wallet. In the Proof of Work system transaction confirmations are dome with already 'staked' coins and not from Proof of Work or mining. So essentially you get a percentage of coins as a reward.

Бұл бейнеде, Adam explains how you can use POS coins and stake them to make this income. Бұл бейнеде, we explain how you can stake one of your favorite coin Social Send and make extra coins. Social send, unlike bitcoin and ethereum, is a Proof of Stake coin and if you like this video let us know in the comments below if you would like to see some more.

Proof of Stake Coins List:

Social Send Website:

Social SEND Rewards:

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How to Stake and make Passive Income from CryptocurrenciesSocial SendPart 1

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  1. Loved ur approach and the topic presented. Being acrypto-codger”, many of these new fangled ideas make more sense when you see them in action. Inspired me to learn how to program that VCR! Seriously, thanks very much for this helpful information. Look forward to seeing more from you.

  2. Lol at the VCR comment. I appreciate the love! I think this is going to be a big year for many of these cryptos showing what they can do and bringing their whitepapers to life.

  3. Great video man! Social send team seems like they are really working hard to get the platform going and get marketing done, that’s why I have decided to make in-depth tutorials on youtube for setting these masternodes up on both local wallets and vps servers. Gonna be great to be able to send my little sister 20 dollars in send from Japan without having to pay a 20 dollar international banking fee;)

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