How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency | There’s No Free Lunch!

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There are many things that you can do to earn cryptocurrency, but none of them are particularly easy. Some are downright not even profitable, and others are a waste of time.

Here are some activities that you can do for fun as a hobby in your spare time if you would like to experiment with earning some bitcoin, alt coins, and crypto for yourself.

1. тау-кен ісі / CPU Mining / Cloud Тау-кен
2. Staking Your Coins / Masternodes / Proof of Stake
3. Get friends to sign up with Referral Codes
4. Faucets (waste of time)

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How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency | There's No Free Lunch!

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  1. Regulation by those centralized institutions we seek to cut out does not make sense. We need to self regulate or create self regulated decentralized exchanges. Power to the people.

  2. Mining at this stage, is so very risky. Good way to get seeded, hacked and all your hard earned coin stolen. Nice Hash as just one example of this happening. If you mine and this hasn’t happened to you, then i congratulate you.
    I mean no offence or anything against mining, just stating that at this early stage, it is extremely risky.
    Just like how Blockchain is developing, so are the malicious ways of taking peoples money.
    In truth the latter may be exponentially developing quicker, than the safety protocols. Keep in mind our collective wisdom, and remember this is definitely the Wild West all around.
    Best to mitigate as much risk as possible.
    Better to get a little rich and not risk losing it all to become a lot rich. Guess it really matters how you want to play.
    Smart investing VS gambling.

  3. I have a couple of Ethereum mining rigs here in the officeso far I’ve mined a 2.58 ether after 6 ай. With the hardware costs/electricity I was on track to pay off everything in May (10 month pay-off) but because I took some of my earnings to invest in DRGN and KCS, I paid everything off last month. Everything mined going forward is just profitso definitely worth it for me.

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