How does EnjinX compare to Etherscan,, explorer

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We have been fan of Enjin for a while and since we started relentlessly minting collectibles on with ease, we have been following their every move.

The Enjin wallet is complimented by EnjinX at, a clean, fast and ad-free multi-blockchain currently ethereum explorer allowing users to check out their assets, view the status of their transactions and spy on other wallets in style.

Though in its current form it is missing the the much anticipated ERC1155 and other collectibles and NFTs, and will be having other blockchains including, bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC and Dogecoin Doge, blockchain to explore, in this video Zach overviews and compares it to other popular blockchain explorers such as Etherscan, and explorers.

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How does EnjinX compare to Etherscan,, explorer

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  1. Of what i understand it’s a visual representation of the wallet and is unique for each wallet. So for efficiency, you can quickly see the design on the mobile wallet and explorer to confirm its the same, quicker than comparing the complete public key address. Also can be used as a secondary confirmation as well.

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