Hot New Binance DEX LaunchedExplained & ReviewBNB Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Binance DEX launches their testnetcheck out my quick overview of Binance chain and review of the DEX.
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ашу: This is an unpaid review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, Білім беру мақсаттары үшін жазу және шалу. Сонымен қатар, I hold BNB

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Hot New Binance DEX LaunchedExplained & ReviewBNB Cryptocurrency Exchange

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  1. Do you really think BINANCE is honest enough to list or delist tokens? Truth will prevail at last and later or sooner I think people will recognise BINANCE is a big deceiver

  2. Binance in it’s essence is a centralised company and it will stay this way. It also did a lot of nasty abusive stuff to get rich fast. Nash will not only be technically and physically way more decentralised (holding yourself all the nodes like binancedexis doing is pseudodecentralised) but also use the dividends model which goes along with the financial principles behind decentralisation in its core.

  3. You are in control of your funds? Funds that do not have any meaning outside of the exchange….. Funds that you will have to exchange for actual coins on Binance…. hoping that they will actually have those? What a load of cr@p!

  4. So this will be a DEX that tradesbackedtokens that require you to trust Binance to back those tokens with actual coins…. Kinda not seeing the decentralization in this setup. Now if these tokens were backed using a smart contract like DAI on ETH then you are trusting the free market and the network with backing the tokens, but to allow binance to be only source of trust feels like a standard DEX. Also you are not in control of your funds, you are in control of yourbacked” Төкен, if binances is hacked then the actual coins that are suppose to be backing yourbacked tokensmight be gone.

  5. Thanks Lark!
    Nice to see some further movement towards ‘decentralization’, but ultimately most exchanges facilitate price speculation and wealth transfer and don’t really create a huge amount of value in the space. (the past year has seen a huge wealth transfer from the many to the few as is usually the case with ‘trading’)
    It would be good to see ‘exchangeslike the stellar marketplace being used for an application like ebay or amazon, or a freelancers website (like Ethlance) where true value is created and exchanged; but hopefully the binance dex is a step toward that possibility!

  6. +The Catmother lol the youtuber was not hardly anonymous, and he showed quite a lot of evidence.. SEC hasn’t even approved a single bitcoin ETF, so I have little confidence they will do anything. Saying a centralized crypto exchange is ethical has come back to bite us mutliple time. Like Lark says, question everything.. clearly some won’t question binance here.

  7. +The Catmother I don’t know to whom you’re addressing your point, but the Binance accusers, Tyler Swope and Blocknet, are hardly anonymous. Binance is beyond the jurisdiction of SEC so rather dumb to say ‘call SEC’. You do know Binance was kicked out of Japan for dodgy practices?

  8. +neogeojr we use shady banks out of necessity. Cryptos are the 1st good alternative to the shady banks. Since when did doing shady business become ok? Thats the whole point of decwntralization. Also not sure what exactly do you mean bygrow uplol

  9. +Vikrant S granting an ETF is probably a bit different than a fraud accusation against an exchange. neither the less they are two seperate fields you are basically saying you lost faith in apples therefore you dont consume oranges. If you have any fraudulent proof provide it to SEC and watch the gates of hell open. If not stfu because it’s just another conspiracy theory.

  10. Crypto Lark, you must do a review on Apollo Currency APL all in one currency. We have got so much more then all these other Alts and ico. DEX almost done and going to be in the wallet. SHARDING almost done. 2secblocks. No hard fork. ever. Decentralized bank. Decentralized market place. 171000 locations to buy cash. I know you do good research and when you see what we got and its real you will do a good review for us.

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