Highest Volume Ever For Both BCH & қабаттар! Plus Electroneum

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We had a massive move to the upside yesterday for many cryptos and interestingly enough, we got new ATH volume records for both BCH & қабаттар. In today's video, Marten will have a look at what's going on with these coins, if they are tipping over or if they could continue to charge higher in the near term. We will also have a look at Electroneum.
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Highest Volume Ever For Both BCH & қабаттар! Plus Electroneum

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  1. +advanced racer LMFAO. oh ok. Yeah you obviously know nothing of the project. Its Richard ells btw not ellis. But hey at least you know his name and who’s in charge. Who was CEO at Bitconnect? Name any single partnership or mou that bitconnect had. ETN have any of those? Oh yeah, DOZENS. What about API instant payments? Any other coin have that? Nope. What about users and registered wallets? Do you even know? Fiat pairing on exchanges? And the miner works fine. They don’t even have to offer that. ETN literally has not failed on 1 single thing. They’ve overachieved if anything. Not sure what more they could do. Please do tell me what you in all of your razor sharp infinite crypto wisdom would demand of ETN for you to give your legitimizing stamp of approval???

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