Genesis Vision Has Room To Grow in 2018

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You guys asked me to take a look at Genesis Vision, I liked what I saw. Enough to take out a small position with them and see where this project goes.

Genesis Vision Has Room To Grow in 2018

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  1. Hi Jeff, can you make a video on selling? I know to buy on the dips, all my coins are performing good. But I don’t know when to sell. For example I’m 45% up with Pivx. Should I sell all, a small portion or just hold?

  2. Everyone do not sell you coins when the sea is red. The whales want you to panic. Always hold and the whales have less influence over the markets! Please talk about other stragedies on how we can fight off these whales. If we buy low and not sell then we can all increase the buy in especially when this is all mainstream. Please discuss market manipulation and how to stop big players from influencing the market!

  3. Please bump this up if possible. If it is true it could save people a lot of money.

    Hey Jeff, unrelated topic, but I noticed a lot of the mining site are heavily pushing members to mine Monero, such as Geneses Mining only offering Monero contracts that last two years and also Miner Gate offering extras for mining Monero.

    Do you think this may have something to do with Verge potentially devaluing Monero in 2018. It would obviously make sense to lock people into as many contracts before Monero takes a huge dump.

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on this?

    Kind Regards


  4. Agreed, he talked about pulling profits and reinvesting them a couple of videos ago, I would love to know more about this. I feel most of us are dipping into our bank accounts instead of diversifying with our gains. I’d kill to know his strategy regarding building up his stacks. Upvote so he can see!

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