Жаратылыс Bitcoin Тау-кен & Crypto Market Bubble is Good – BTC & Cryptocurrency Жаңалықтар

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsAT&T gets sued, Lubin loves crypto bubbles, Bitcoin ETN gives hope to ETF enthusiasts, Genesis Mining will shut down contracts, and Bitfury offers BTC mining super box.

Crypto Lawsuit


Bitcoin ETN

US Investors Can Now Invest in a Fully-Regulated Bitcoin ETN


‘It’ll Happen Anyway’: Andreas Antonopoulos Criticizes Bitcoin ETFs


Vitalik’s new Consensus Algorithm to make 51% attack obsolete, requires 99% nodes for attack

Жаратылыс Тау-кен

Genesis Mining to End Unprofitable Crypto Contracts



US Senate to Examine Energy Efficiency of Blockchain

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Бұл видео пайдалану әрқашан нақты авторлық құқық иесі өкілетті емес, авторлық құқықпен қорғалған материал болуы мүмкін. Мұндай материалдық зерттеулер немесе академиялық мақсаттар үшін қол жетімді. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' бөлімінде көзделген кез келген осындай авторлық құқықпен қорғалған материалды 107 АҚШ Авторлық құқық туралы заң. Title сәйкес 17 U.S.C. Бөлім 107, Бұл бейне пайда жоқ таратылады, ғылыми-зерттеу және білім беру мақсаттары үшін.

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Жаратылыс Bitcoin Тау-кен & Crypto Market Bubble is Good – BTC & Cryptocurrency Жаңалықтар

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  1. Love ur channel bro, 2 things I would have mentioned: 1. is possible to use 2fa on apps like Authy and reduce the risk of sms sim hack, 2. there are research and table comparison that blockchain and bitcoin and much more energy efficient than fiat and gold

  2. In Nov. 2017 I bought over 60 Bitmain miners (mostly L3+). None has ROI’d and the current newprice of those same miners is less than 10% what I paid for it. So I can’t sell them, and I can’t run them (power is to expensive). Қысқаша? I ‘donatedover 60.000 USD to Bitmain and another 20k Euro to a datacenter nearby. Mining is not a game. It is a huge gamble and I gambled wrong. Let this be a warning to everyone thinking about mining. Like Mister Lark says: if you have free energy, then consider it.

  3. These dips got me buying sure everything is down and my previous investments are negative growth but what I see is I can now buy crypto cheaper than ever and the amount of cypto I have keeps increasing faster as the price goes down. I like to get a discount on everything else in life so why should crypto be any different. Thanks Lark for keeping it going.

  4. These cloud miners are full os bs just saying, better put yout $ in coins. And honestly if they don’t use renewable green energy it should be illegal. There should br real insentives to transition

  5. How many energy is used to print, қойма, secure FIAT money, how many energy is used to mine gold, and how many irreversible destroyed natural landscapes do we count? And what will Bitcoin do for humanity AND nature in a better more fair economy…? I hope this is the conversation they will have when talking about BTC energy efficiency!

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