France ProtestA New Revolution or Crisis for the Nation State?

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France's yellow vest movement is gaining traction as France is poised to declare a state of emergency, are these protests a crisis for France or an opportunity?

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France ProtestA New Revolution or Crisis for the Nation State?

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  1. *My father had lived in cave, I’ve lived in cave, so you must live in cave as well*

    Systems must evolve just like computers and every other thing.

    How can’t people see, current form of capitalism is not efficient is beyond my understanding.
    It’s so annoying when people call you a commie, just because you don’t like unethical rules of capitalism.
    Like there can be only those two options.

  2. I appreciate your crypto insights Lark. Economics, politics and poverty are best studied objectively by looking at history. Regardless of intuition or emotions, some systems work practically and others fail. Rent control is a good example that sounds appealing but actually leads to an increase in homelessness. Reading anything by Thomas Sowell is a good start.

  3. +Paul Kilcoyne Which I find weird Paul. I see the Irish and Scots as one of the most non agreeable people I have met, especially the men. It is as if people are so used to it, it is seen as ‘normal’.

    Fun fact: the income tax was an excuse to fund the war machine for WWI (social tax). It was never abolished, for obvious reasons.. There intentions were out of benevolence to the people or so they thought. It was to take control over the masses by a select few.

    Бәрібір, I do not think these protests will change a thing. Only when the worst economy crisis will hit us (which is soon), people will question the system. Out if chaos will rise a new order.

    People still do not see the whole picture.

  4. Great to see your thoughts here and understand our views are quite similar! It’s a mad mad mad world with solutions right in front of our faces yet so many are beholden to lies and deceit. It’s coming

  5. Well, жоқ. France is much more complex than what is said. Шынында, French people are as trapped as the Americans areonly with less sovereignty over their economy, borders and policies.

    I left France first time in 2006; then had a second stint there for 1.5 years before moving out again in 2014. I have to say, ever since Sept 2001, France hasn’t been the same. Its government tried to lead the movement against the War in Irak and got sidelined by both the USA and the UK. Afterwards, it has been a succession of hopelessmanagerstrying to run business as usual on top of a failing economy, education policies and welfare system. Басқаша айтқанда: France has a MASSIVE problem with ideas brought forward by its youth: Anyone under 40 is notworthlistening to, their old society says.

    The current president is full of big words read in history books, but he has not the brains, nor the courage, nor the resilience to get things done to tackle the problems that the old guard left. He got elected by flirting with the old grandmas and the mums, but dumped the knight in shining armour role as soon as he crossed the presidential residence. деп мәлімдеді, none of the crop of candidates in the 2016 was worth voting for, apart from the ones who ended up with less than 10% of the total votes.

    Жалпы, Most French people are TERRIFIED of tomorrow, but full of yesteryears memories that they shove into their youngstersthroats from birth. Try talking to a random 20-something French person: all they will say is that there is nothing they can do, their parents have written history for them and they will just go with it. қазір, compare this defeated attitude to that of the young Italians who at least have had the guts to just jump ship and try their luck elsewhere around the world.

    You make your own fortune. қимылсыз, some people like to forever rest on their collective laurels. To each his/her own isht I say.

  6. +Maxim Van den Bosch If I were to divorce my wife she would get 50% of what I earn. If a country took 60% before she got anything then really she’s getting less than 25% of what I earn (me too for that matter). It forces me to contemplate should I divorce my wife first, or my country? Perhaps neither? Or perhaps I should join the Foreign Legion.

  7. Welcome to France !! The historical revolutionary people for sure 🙂
    Seriously, to understand the deep reasons of these protests, it’s necessary to know the history of the French people. This time, it’s not an usual protest as there is regularly in France. This time, it’s different. And it could spread in other countries.
    The fundamental value of the French is equality (Liberté, EGALITE, fraternité). And every time important disorders take place in France, it’s every time when the power digs the disparities between very rich and poor or middle class. It is exactly what makes president Macron at the moment (this is why we talk about king Macron, completely disconnected of the poor and middle-class reality…).
    For the anthropologists who know well the story of the French people, this revolt has absolutely nothing abnormal, or of unforeseen. When government in France favours the rich to the detriment of the poor people or the middle classes in a so visible and brutal way like today, protests appear then. All the history of this country shows it. Fuel tax is just a detail whichset fire in powders”.
    The French people are egalitarian people. It’s hisDNA”. It’s explain the French model of society, with social security, free republican school, free health care system, unemployment insuranceand high level of taxes for pay this. And he never accepts for long time policies which increase social inequalities.
    French hate that in front of certain moments of life (birth, education, work, health…), they are treated in a different way according to their social class. They hate thedouble standart” (medicine or education for the rich different of the poor, Мысалға).
    If you understand that, then you understand the French model of society and his history.
    Sorry for my english.

  8. иә, I affirm that the neoliberal and globalist policy is the major cause for 40 years of the acceleration of the climatic disturbance, the exponential disappearance of the animals, the concentration and confiscation of 80% of the creation wealth produced by all, to the only benefit of the dynasties of the wealthy elite, solely out of financial voracity.

    Because of this predation the financial crisis was paid by the population who was not responsible. Privatize gains and socialize losses.

    Because of this predation, complete industrial sectors have been delocalised by deregulation and open borders and uncontrolled international capital flows for the benefit of the wealthy and to the detriment of the most vulnerable population, or ecology.

    How to justify the carbon impact of T-shirts, apples or other consumer goods that can be produced locally and that crosses half of the planet.

    How to justify the carbon impact of the new meat free trade agreements, which must cross the oceans, while the WHO finds that we are eating too much meat in the West.

    How to justify the carbon impact of all these highly polluting cargoes that travel the seas.

    How to justify the carbon impact of these well-off classes, who eat organic, has zero waste and will work by bike, who take the plane, one of the most polluting transport for a weekend in Marrakech, a summer to Bailli or a winters in Rio, because it is interesting to live like a prince in these countries. Do you know that kerosene is not taxed?

    20% poorest = 3.6 tonnes CO2 / адамдар
    20% richest = 9.7 tons CO2 / адамдар

    I remind you that a majority of French did not vote for Macron, but against LePen. Because the international scene no longer have a politician to the height, which no longer represents the population. Look at the abstention rate. The yellow vests are exactly those. Last poll taken today, social protest is supported by 84% of French people. There must be a reason for that.

    Of course the richest people who consume more fuel will pay more than the poor if we look at the money spent. It is certain that if your remuneration is 5000 euros monthly and that you roll in SUV you can afford to pay more your fuel. For the poorest, a full tank of fuel is about 10% of the income. When you make 900 euros a month, it’s huge in the budget, not to mention the rent, gas and electricity that go up. So this tax will weigh a lot more on the most modest households. Macron multiplies the tax gifts to the very rich, abolish tax on wealth, lower taxes on capital, 8 billion euros each year it gives them and on the other hand it multiplies the tax increases for the poorest, rising CSG, lower APL, freezing pensions. This explains the causes of the yellow vest mobilization.

    Yellow jackets are concerned with ecology and are aware that the climate is getting out of hand, it is in rural areas that are most affected by drought or floods.

    How a fuel tax could be environmentally friendly, by financing the thermal renovation of buildings, by lowering heating bills. Finance more public transportation. Something that would be good for people and for the climate. And that’s not what Macron does. Fuel taxes are worth 9 billion euros a year to the state budget, and less than 2 billion are spent on ecological transition.

    The lesson of yellow vests is simple, there is no serious ecology without fiscal justice. Forgive my level of English, I am French.

  9. The Crypto Lark If you want to know why French are these protesters (1 revolution every 60 years since centuries (we have to clean up the democracy regularly)), it’s because we are very politicalized and equalitarian people (and I chose not sayegalitarianwhich has to me more ideological meaning whileequalitarianis rather philosophical…). We love to speak about politics, argue, fight around some drinks in café or during family diners. I mean real Frenches, real men, traditionally…
    As French and a little bit naive I started to talk about politics in Russia with Russian people, that was a mistake… It seems taboo to them (at least with this middle/little-high class people I was with). Some are not happy about their Russian politics but they hate speaking about politics… So no debat, no solution, no pressure on their political leaders, no better world

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