Ethereum VS The Competition – Crypto Lark Чат

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This week we discuss Ethereum and the competition. Come along and join the fun, as always trying to answer as many questions as I can!


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Ethereum VS The Competition – Crypto Lark Чат

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  1. And for you guys who are pushing baseless allegations on Lark, till today, I personally have never felt even once that he has been dishonest. He just speaks what he feels. I am an EOS investor and I have similar concerns to his. I love Eth and he is right, there is a need of urgency. Cardano and their functional programming with the peer review process is really awesome. I do not know why you guys feel that way. It’s all facts.

  2. v4freedom I truly feel in a few years Cardano is going to be doing big things. This space is so early. Look at BTC. Its been around for about 10 years and still there is really no innovation in the BTC community. Ethereum still can’t scale. ETC and ADA can already scale higher than ETH, so can EOS. Its not all about scaling though. Many factors come into play. I just hate when people say or feel they know everything. None of us know how this market will play out and which projects will be here 5-10-20 years down the road. I feel Cardano will be, but hey I could be wrong. I love the Cardano Community, the tech, how the IOHK team goes about their research. Its just an awesome project to me. Time will tell.

  3. I’m not invested in neither EOS nor Cardano, but quite frankly seeing founder of Cardano Charles Hopkinson shitting on projects like EOS and Ethereum in the chat is pathetic. Maybe he should focus his energy elsewhere.

  4. Nikolas X You’re absolutely right, no one knows for sure. Hence we have to be humble and embrace each day as it comes. Invest on projects we truly believe in and let time decide. Have a great day brother. _/_ 🙂

  5. Talking about cardanos wallet omgI once wanted to send ADA from the wallet and it wont lwt me past the adress! I had to type the exchange adress manualy!!! I sold my cardano because of this horrifying experience. Crypto must become easy to use.

  6. Just as info: Komodo is one of the platforms which performs 20000tx/s as I know. And they are working on 1mio tx/s.
    Komodo max supply @ 200mio. and current price 1.64$.
    Atomic Swaps, DEX, DICO ( Ico on Komodo ) What an great platform!

  7. Yeh it’s a shame however I suspect there is something driving the mood swings. Usually with intelligent people like him they require ways to vent when under a lot of pressure, and occasionally trip. But then again it’s always good to try align your market cap by saying mean things. People believe it.

  8. EOS ability to freeze accounts is being removed in the update to the constitution. The RAM criticism is valid but given the democratic nature of voting obviously EOS is highly flexible and more able to improve. The DAPPS that are about to roll out are truly decentralized. ETH got hacked well after it was up and running. Vatilik is one of the most brilliant minds in crypto, Larkstill had fatal errors.

  9. I love Ethereum and as all these tech’s will evolve as future needs dictate, I am sure they all look over each others fence’s & doing a bit of cheeky copying, improving etc thats how commerce, Banking, Manufacturing, China is a perfect example. Holdens bought the new Ford or Mitsubishi and took them apart to learn new tech & vice-versa.
    Cheers from the DogHouse & yes i am looking to steal the design of the DogHouse over the fence ( it’s bigger than mine ).

  10. I agree interconnectivity is keyhave you checked out BlockNet. Seems like they already DID what projects like AION are trying to do. Anyway I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on it if you get the chance.

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