Ethereum Hard Fork & Upgrades to 2.0 Coming as Price Falls

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Ethereum developers have announced the date for the hard fork to upgrade the blockchain, what are the coming upgrades and can Ethereum continue to compete in an increasingly competitive field.

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Block 7,080,000: Ethereum Devs Propose Activation Point for Next Hard Fork


8 Teams Are Sprinting to Build the Next Generation of Ethereum

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Ethereum Hard Fork & Upgrades to 2.0 Coming as Price Falls

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  1. қазір, what was that Baron Rothschild quote again?…something about the time to buyOh! Is that blood i see in Crypto Street at the moment?? And what was it that Warren dude said about when people are fearful?? hmmmnow what was that??? …ummmnope can’t remember!:o/

  2. +Matt So what’s the crazy part? Modern day blockchain came from the 40’s and 50’s NAVY cryptography so why couldn’t they? Every Country that wants out of globalism has to go to a gold standard or Crypto.

  3. +Paumonsu Nothing you just provided was factual information merely just your opinion. I’ll let the co-founder of ethereum and the other incredibly intelligent individuals decide what the true outcome of the project will be. Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood, IOHK is a world-class engineering and technology company committed to using peer-to-peer innovations to provide financial services to three billion people that don’t have them. The group is contracted to design, build, and maintain the Cardano platform through to 2020.

  4. I decided to start coding again, Dapps this time, and I ultimately chose the Ethereum platform. Imo I had to make a choice between four projects. Factom is too expensive for devs, Elastos is good, but not out of diapers yet. Tron is like a second hand bag of tea, but I will have to keep an eye on it because betting on one horse is never a good idea. So Ethereum it is. The platform is nice to work with and very extendible in its functionality. The tradeoff for that flexibility in functionality is large data thoughput, leading to relative scalability issues. Once I get more into the platform and understand it’s achitecture better, there are some nice incentives Ethereum promises for improvements. I’m happy with my choice. And remember, high trees catch a lot of wind.

  5. иә,…what value does ETH currently provide? Serious question. EOS is already providing gambling, free peer to peer transactions, ability to loan coins, and gamers ( to some to degree/more so in near future) are able to own and trade their items (swords, guns, garb, және т.б.). солай, ….that’s value to me. I don’t want to wait till 2020 to see if ETH’s promises are fulfilled. I wonder how many others feel the same way.

  6. ​+OrangePartisan Cardano uses Haskell which is set theoretical in structure (мысалы, like nested mathematical functions) allowing for less errors and the preservation of mathematical properties when writing code. Сондай-ақ,, Plutus will be Cardano’s in-house version of DApp coding language, similar to Ethereum’s in-house coding language, Soliditythis together with the K framework will allow Coders to code in the language of their choice and the K framework will hopefully translate accurately to other languages, including Plutus, and allow the original code to retain its properties and still work and also allowing hopefully the translated code to avoid developing new errors in the resulting translation.

  7. +Baby Whale Crypto Language is not the issue for me, I’m multilingual, I even nested code written in one language into another. I have to say that was quite a while ago, using server side scripting. I’m afraid I won’t be able to get away with it so easily now, althoughThe real issue is, what does a platform allow me to get away with functionally, how does it facilitate me as a dev. Who knows, maybe I’ll use the two platforms simultaniously, as long as it furthers my solution to a real world problem I’m working on. But I’ll read up on Cardano, you be sure.

  8. +Investry In Germany they have a saying, “die qual der wahl” немесе “the agony of choice”. Funny enough, Elastos was recommended to me in a comment on this same channel. I’m sure over the coming days more people will recommend more projects. In order for me to understandwith some kind of depthwhat I can do with a project on offer, I have to invest a weeks worth of reading. That’s a week not working on my own end user solution. Finding your way in hundreds of projects is an ongoing process for a free lance dev like me. You have to start somewhere, else the idea will remain an idea. Maybe I’ll investigate EOS further down the line. But thank you for mentioning it to me!

  9. The Crypto Lark, when I invest in cryptos. I usually look for a use case or utility. I only see three cryptos with the use case in the future such as BTC, ETH, және XRP. одан да маңызды, where are the big boys investing in? They are mostly investing in the three cryptos I listed.

  10. It’s cool broI gotch’r backalot of people don’t really know what’s going on in the backgroundheck most aren’t even on the platform using itI made over $900 last month trading on the Tron DEX exchangeThe TronCard is coming out Mid JanuaryI’ll be at the San Francisco Summit EventGood times coming! I could go on and on with so much more information but I would fill up this page.

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