Cryptocurrency Bubble Signals To Be Informed About

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This video outlines some of the signals of a bubble. I am not saying we are in a bubble at the moment, but as a contingency, I make this video to discuss some of the signals you will look for as time goes by, in the event any of these kind of events begin to take place.

Cryptocurrency Bubble Signals To Be Informed About

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  1. you will get burnt day trading this market, pick 20 cryptos for 2018, spread across all circulating supplies and rank, put equal amounts in and top up each month equally from fiat and leave it there,

  2. The longer mainstream media doesn’t understand the blockchain, the better for us. Once wall street steps into the market, look out! Prices will skyrocket and I plan on capitalizing. HODL all day, everyday.

  3. CryptoAnarchy
    You’re an idiot, no offense.

    You can’t use cryptos to buy goods because they are too volatile. What happens when you go to buy groceries with bitcoin and the price of btc is jumping up and down by hundreds of dollars???

    Damn, some of you fools are ridiculous.

  4. Could you elaborate on decentralization of medical data and such? Сондай-ақ,, do you know what Justin Sun means by wanting to decentralize the internet? I’m still learning.

  5. Invest your crypto, its not enough to just buy and hold hoping that the market will favour you, i held mine without making so much benefit off it until i decided to invest and trade it, now i make a daily 20% profit on my investments and with a daily cash out privilege im allowed to withdraw my profits daily i will quit working full time soon, trust me this is the best thing you will will ever do with your coins, contact me if interested to know more on

  6. @ Healthy & Wealthy
    Can you explain why you are okay until 5-10 trillion market cap? You do know that bubble bursted at 7 trillion dollars or 10 trillion in today’s money, yes? Do you think blockchain or cryptocurrency is worth more than the internet underpinning the bubble? I don’t think so!! So I would say that we should constantly be on our watch once the market cap reached 1 trillion dollars 🙁

  7. @Health Nerdz Basically there is there is a problem of storing sensible data on a central plattform. It can be easily hacked. Furthermore companies could easily sell your data to third parties, just like Google and other companies do.
    Blockchain technology can solve these problems.

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