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This week I am joined by Heidi from Crypto Tips to discuss Bitcoin and all things crypto.
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Come along and join the fun, as always trying to answer as many questions as I can!


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Жауапкершіліктен бас тарту
мұнда білдірді Барлығы менің пікірім және ресми емес инвестициялық кеңес болып – өз ақша қатерге тігіп бұрын өз зерттеулер орындаңыз.

көріп үшін рахмет; сияқты сұраймыз, жазылу, және сіз осы пайдалы тапты, егер ортақ!

Thanks to artists Greet the Mind for this weeks inspired intro track ‘The Dictator Speaks’. You can listen to more of their work and support them here at sound cloud: HTTPS://

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Crypto Tips with Heidi – Crypto Lark Чат

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  1. That young woman is wealthy in a way that I never have been and can never be, no matter how much wealth I gather. Trying to compete with someone like that on social media is like asking her to compete with me in my career as a heavy diesel truck mechanic. Every few years an athletic young woman comes into my field and tries to do my job. Once they’re trained up and are familiar with a job, they’re still about as fast as the slowest gray beard in the shop (who’s about a year away from retirement). And since they push themselves, trying to get off the bottom of the productivity list, they end up getting hurt. Back and shoulder injuries are the most common, and after a few trips through the hospital they eventually either take a pay cut and move into management or they leave to do some other kind of work. Same goes with me if I tried to compete with her here on you tube. She can say anything and have a ton of thirsty guys worshiping her. I see them scrolling on the chat right now. LOL. She has great content as well though and some of her success is deserved, the rest is simply due to an accident of birth. Oh well, no point in complaining about nature. It is important to be aware of it though.

    I’m looking forward to spending some of my time in SE Asia as well. Once I’m bitcoin retired I plan to become a wandering mechanic for Permaculture communities, learning more Permaculture and offering my mechanical skills to make myself welcome. And when winter rolls around, off to Thailand I go. Good times!

    20:31 Yes technically Bitcoin isn’t as good as many alt coins but every one of those other coins have a central team who can change the rules on you whenever they want. Every one of them has a Vitalik who will throw you under the bus the moment he himself loses a significant amount of money. All of those people are known, easily threatened, and easily arrested. Bitcoin doesn’t have that problem. The power is vastly better balanced between the developers, the miners, the full node operators, the merchants and the holders.

  2. I applaud your patience dealing with my wifi fallout! Had a great time chatting with you and your audience had great questions as well, missed out on some good ones while I was disconnected.

  3. Thanks Lark. Top and unexpected interview with one of the smartest young women in crypto!

    As regards Heidi’s comment re Second and Thirld World adoption, I should point out that mobile payments will be accessed through Asian ‘giantHTC Blockchain phone on Litecoin and Bitcoin. Also perhaps more importantly, SMS encrypted payments are going to be enabled on the Telegram Messenger app (through Swiss based Zulu Republic) with Litecoin! Because of cross chain atomic swops this should give people with no internet connection access to both the Litecoin and Bitcoin networks. (The two most secure, decentralised and uncensorable networks that exist) See Charlie Lee quote below from his recent twitter feed.

    LN with atomic swap makes Litecoin effectively Bitcoin’s sidechain, but with much better security via decentralized PoW mining compared to federated/merge mining of regular sidechains. Value can move across chains seamlessly to take advantage of LTC’s faster/cheaper onchain txns.

  4. For those who are against privacy features in a crypto ask them “how much do you get every pay day? How much is in your bank account?” Normally after asking this question they begin to understand the need for privacy coins.

  5. BTC will use the ETN system…………my prediction, either that or ETN will win the race, or Nano, Nano is in plain sight…..BTC once removed as the entry and exit gateway will be irrelevant as a currency, but remain the store of value

  6. And there we have it. The word _Misogyny_ is banded about against Vention. Apparently they’re trying to makemisogynya hate crime (and the UK parliament will perhaps vote on it mid September 2018). Does that mean, come that day, that from then on, people who make the false accusation of _misogyny_ will be charged with making a false accusation or similar?

  7. Crypto lark you need to study network effects. other cryptos are notbetterthan bitcoin in that they do not have the network effects of bitcoin. it does not matter if they are faster or cheaper that is not enough to overcome network effects ad you would need to be orders od magnitude better and slightly cheaper or faster is not enough to voercome the massive lead given that BTC is basically the entry point to crypto. also bitcoin does not need to be fast for ordering coffee or what not as that is not what it is trying to be, it is digital gold people dont pay for coffee with gold they use cash hence something like monero. also when you said a bunch of cryptos are less volatile than bitcoin thats just totally wrong.

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