Crypto on Twitter! Craig Wright vs ETH & XRP, Market Sentiment, Bakkt Delay

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Бұл бейнеде, Darko takes a look the important as well as funny cryptocurrency tweets on twitter. This is a weekly segment!

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Crypto on Twitter! Craig Wright vs ETH & XRP, Market Sentiment, Bakkt Delay

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  3. MrHarrilasagna Not new here. But I do hope you’re right. I started playing this game in January. Probably got down 70% on 10k. қазір, after I stop following YouTubers BS analysis I’m only down 30%, pulled out 4k back to Fiat. 3k left to gamble to try and get even. 2k still parked in USDT.

  4. That’s new friend. This is your first crash. This is only one of the 4th largest corrections. You say it’s a game and talk of gambling means that you’re here to make money and not replace it. While many are here to replace money. This a natural thing. This is the time to buy, not the time to sell. Keep a tight stop loss next time and you’re perspective will change. Accumulating on a downtrend is the best to mitigate losses.

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