Crypto Jobs in Blockchain and Market Forecast Bitoin and Altcoins Red Sea

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In this video Jeff talks about crypto related jobs and we dive in to take a look at Blockchain job opportunities along with a crypto currency market dive in.

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Crypto Jobs in Blockchain and Market Forecast Bitoin and Altcoins Red Sea

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  1. You know what bugs meyou were talking about all these basement coins before and how they were good projects. Now you say it’s like hitting the lottery? So what are you saying, that all the bottom barrel projects you were praising are now no good because price dropped? You were talking hodl before like it was the end all be all, now you are talking about these projects like an instrument just to trade? I am losing confidence in your reputation you were portraying a couple months ago, sounds like you have changed your tune or had a different motive

  2. Ivan on tech is starting coding from scratch classes starting june 1 және тек 99$ until june 1st. if you havent purchased yet stop right now and go get it. At the very least youll be able to read contracts from now on. Hes starting with ethereum, eos and one other. java, script, c++ and more. Dont need to know anything about coding or smart contracts!!!

  3. Thanks for the vid Jeff! I plan on moving this summer which requires me to find a new career. Once settled, Im going to take your advice and join a team to work for. Like you said, an internship is still considered an opportunity. This space is growing rapidly; and more coverage can do nothing but benefit the space. If we all really believe in this industry, we should take more initiative to get involved. This summer, I will be doing my part!

  4. Some people are curious why I am saying focus on the top 10 and not some of the other coins or tokens while they are low. Why did I change course. Number 1 above all be flexible. Currently the discussion about tokens in particular ERC20 tokens is concerning. Do I think tokens are done? I do not know. But I do still hold many of my tokens. My forecast and focus is on top 10 for stability purposes.

  5. Lance Hansen I’m just guessingBut I think it’s because they each have a different algorithm. ETH uses PoW, EOS uses PoS, and NEM uses PoI. I imagine smart contracts will work differently on each one so we’re getting a more complete look at smart contracts as a whole.

  6. Very informative and loved the fact that you went into the aspect of jobs that are being created. New jobs will be emerging in every spectrum of the industry and would like to more about how old jobs will be affected. Just curious, Such as FR8network, which is currently an ICO that will revolutionize the freight truck shipping industry! I think that the blockchain coordination between the shippers and receivers will streamline the process and save funds in the long run while giving the opportunity for brokers to monitor and make precise logistic estimates and routes

  7. Crypto market is constantly changing and as investors it requires you to constantly adapt. Jeff seems like a good dude. I don’t think he has any other motives other than continuing to learn and adapt to the market.

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