Bloom ICO ReviewEvolving Credit Scoring with Blockchain

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Credit scoring is a legacy industry ready to be overthrown by blockchain, Bloom Protocol is the solution.
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Bloom ICO ReviewEvolving Credit Scoring with Blockchain

27 Пікірлер

  1. Sounds like a great project. There are so many people, especially students out there, engulfed with debt, forced to declare bankruptcy (if they even can), ruining their credit score and having nowhere to go. Seems like this would be a chance to start fresh. Hope for someone in that kind of situation is light at the end of the tunnel. I hope this catches on.

  2. Hispanics, African Americans are definitely unfairly and disproportionately representative of that group of Americans who are unable to get credit scores

    Unfairly? Haha you really want to make some kind of racism claim in a pathetic attempt to make Bloom appear like some kind of social justice warrior? Feels like the kind of stretch you would find on a high school book report. The fact is most of the people with credit issues are too stupid to use cryptocurrencies or even begin to understand them.

  3. If it need to work it would have work many years ago. There tons of reasons why credit can’t be bring over , you from and go to France , your legal status is different, your power of earning is different, how could such system cope with that. I am so shock

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