Bitcoin will Hit $91K By 2020” – Bitcoin Guru Tom Lee Raises Bullish Price Prediction

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"Bitcoin will Hit $91K By 2020" – Bitcoin Guru Tom Lee Raises Bullish Price Prediction

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  1. Here is a tip for all “инвесторлар”. Hope is a traitor. If you feel hope for something in finance, this in most of the times means failure to come. Hope as an emotion is a very dangerous indication of you making the wrong decision.

  2. Its Time to kick the big maffia of their thrones ( Governments ) they are the biggest criminals and they need to be PROSECUTED because of their scam of hiding real history , creating money out of thin air , killing people around the globe with fiat money , moneylaundery by banks that work for governments ( saw the story of a insider of those askinazi jew banks )

    Are we sooo weak that we need to be governed ? no we have to take back our power and rights and freedom that we let them take from us

    BITCOIN to the rescue .

  3. depends on the investors, so maybe he know something is up. his opinion also depends on what he want the market to do, as you say, he likes to influence the market a lot. so i think he is exaggeration how high it can go. I do think we’ll see 50k, witch will make me a really happy guy.

  4. The new investors are getting melted by the market every day, they are being way to short term. You have to make an educated investment and move on to the next one.

    bitcoin will be worth a lot of money one day its only common sense. The recent ATH was just the tip of the iceberg. Its deflationary, plain and simple. The more time goes the more bitcoin will just gain more strength by becoming more valuable and scarce. bitcoin hacked inflation with deflationeasy. Let it sit stop worrying about the marketor it will beat you.

  5. To me 1 satoshi = $0.01 сондықтан 1 bitcoin = $1.000.000 , eventually this is the target for btc. егер 1 satoshi = $1 содан кейін 1 btc = $100.000.000 we destroys ourselfs before this happened.

  6. TheReactor8. You can base decisions on past performance, analyse probabilities, study fundamentals, listen to experts and cost average your investment but in the end you will still ‘hopeyou are right. I don’t see what your point is.

  7. crypto is here to stay, the only question is if bitcoin is gonna be the reserve currency of cryptowhich it seems to have become. If it remains so i think Bitcoin will easily be worth 100k in the future.

  8. What is rated the number 1 country in overall standard of living SWITZERLAND , who are the financial geniuses of the world SWITZERLAND , who is in full support of BITCOIN , SWITZERLAND , enough said.

  9. It can hit whatever it wants. біз “hit” 20K. Whether and for how long it stays at any price is impossible to call with world regulation still in the early stages

  10. Yankee 1985 Word! I only heard about cryptos in December accidentally through YouTube. A hell of a lot of people still haven’t a clue what they are or how to get into them. I learned but it wasn’t easy. I’m Gen X. I reckon Gen Z will massively get into it as due to 2008 financial crisis they don’t have much other opportunities. I think Gen Y will miss out just like millennials find it hard to get on property ladderwe’re lucky we have the opportunity to get on board now

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