Bitcoin Halving and 2020 Election is The Perfect Storm!

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The upcoming bitcoin halving together with the 2020 US election, is that the perfect storm? This is something Billy will dig into as well as share his two cents on the topic.
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Perfect Storm Quick Cut

THE PERFECT STORM (Theatrical Trailer)

Donald Trump You'd Be In Jail Quick Cut

Trump Just Suggested Clinton 'Would Be in Jail' if He Were President

Donald Trump is not a fan of bitcoin (Cuts) –

Donald Trump Is NOT A FAN of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency!

Billy Buzz Bitcoin Meme

Forbes: Donald Trump just made Bitcoin a #2020Election issue

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Bitcoin Halving and 2020 Election is The Perfect Storm!

30 Пікірлер

  1. Great observation Brother, if you see this message. PLEASE CONSIDER BELOW
    I am in the Crypto space clearly as I watch your videos-

    I don’t understand what actually happens in a halving?
    Clearly we all understand the word “halving”

    Would you like to do a video on what actually happens and the consequences/outcomes (the good and the bad) after the halving is done?

    Knowing/understanding the principles of the halving is something I want to know ✅

    Thank you for your great work.
    From across the pond in Australia 🇦🇺

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  3. Andrew Yang I just wish he’d speak up more. They don’t give him much questions in the debate and everyone ready to speak over the other. Not sure his voice is strong enough to be heard. I wish it was.

  4. Я так устал покупать кучу монет, которые просто обесцениваются и даже не дают никаких следов ростаЛучшее решениеэто купить токены Telegram на

  5. Andrew Yang may be pro Bitcoin, but he is also for UBI. It is a socialist program that will create a government dependent people! PASS! Trumps tweet was more about Libra than Bitcoin. Bitcoin was thrown in to soften the blow. Do not count Trump out on this one.

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