Bitcoin Gold Price SurgeTime To Buy Before 2018?

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is it time to buy Bitcoin Gold before 2018? Currently here it is November 20th 1017 and Bitcoin is surging from $150 to over $300.

Bitcoin Gold Price SurgeTime To Buy Before 2018?

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  1. What are your thoughts on the the next month on bitcoin gold? It seems to consolidate sideways for a long time and then pumps and dumps. There’s no trend really forming with this coin currently.

  2. NEVER forget history the government has seized GOLD and SILVER before , don’t think it cannot happen again , the only save haven is BITCOIN . Why you ask BECAUSE not even the government can touch it , it’s neutral NO company behind it NO CEO’s to manipulate it and it’s world wide no country owns it , think about that.

    Үшін 2018 and beyond I only see GREAT things for BITCION , the original and the best , do not be fooled by crypto imitators with CEO’s behind them , also do not be left behind even micro bits will serve you well in the future . BITCOIN has it’s ups and downs ( profit taking ) but in the long run the chart looks like a GIANT mountain up up we go .

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