Bitcoin & ойын: Twitch Streamer Receives TEN$ of THOUSAND$ in BTC Donation – Crypto Жаңалықтар

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Бұл бейнеде, Mattie takes a look at the top news from last week. He also talks about a twitch gamer who received a HUGE BTC donation. Бұл күнделікті сегменті болып табылады!
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жаңалық: Бұл жаңалық болды

жаңалық: Бұл жаңалық болды

Twitch Gamer Gets A Huge Bitcoin Donation

Twitch Gamer Gets A Huge Bitcoin Donation

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Bitcoin SV [BSV] becomes a sponsor of Dota 2 e-sport event in Thailand

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Bitcoin & ойын: Twitch Streamer Receives TEN$ of THOUSAND$ in BTC Donation – Crypto Жаңалықтар

21 Пікірлер

  1. I can almost guarantee that the donation was meant to be 20 dollars but the tipper entered his sum in the wrong box and pressed enter too quickly
    I hope they still have plenty for themselves and that this hasn’t ruined their lives.

  2. Maybe. Someone with that much btc would probably not be the type to do that by mistake though. Either way that’s why you dont put big amounts in one wallet. So if you accidentally send too much it at least wont be everything you have.

  3. Theres a few like crypto kitties, 1st blood, one thats like Pokemon sort of forget the name. When one of these game coin does it right and gets popular it will be massive. Like top 5 market cap probably.

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