Bitcoin ExplainedWhy the Skeptics are Wrong

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Bitcoin has been called many things by the skepticsscam, ponzi, valueless, wasteful. In this special report I investigate the case against Bitcoin and why the detractors are wrong.


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Bitcoin ExplainedWhy the Skeptics are Wrong

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  1. Van Gogh did your background painting???
    You are one of my favourite utubers from the start but I am now all in on XRP so I don’t normally make your channel all the time but you are still giving Quality Out put cheers see you on the beaches of the world with XRP
    Love the piece if paper analog!!

  2. This is the kind of videos youCrypto Youtubersneed to make, this is what the general public needs to hear about crypto for the adoption part. Great job / sharing!

  3. I have lost faith in the Fiat system, it’s quite scary when a pleb like myself thinks like that.
    We have not solved the 2008 crisis , the sticking plaster put over the wound has not healed.
    My faith is in crypto, I am not into theLambo” немесе ” to the moonI just want to protect what I already have .

  4. One of the Bogdanoff puppets, Мырза. Buffett, деп хабарлады “The stock market is a means of moving wealth to the patient from those that aren’t.” Және ” I’m greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy”. Taking this into account, the condition of the crypto markets, the dollar strength, and unless he’s impeached by liberal parasites, we’ll have Mr. Trump for six more years… The $ will not collapse during his terms. His ego won’t allow it. The plunge protection team from the FED and other manipulation tools will keep this listing ship from tipping and sinking under it’s own weight. I’m waiting and stacking dollars until the mid-term elections in November. I say this as an American citizen who’s done his research and lived through the ups and downs of prosperity for 35 жылдар. A few words to the wise: Dump CONbase and switch to ABRA. Be very wary of all the paid XRP shilling. Be PATIENT. Figure out how to kick yourhopiumhabit. And last but not least, divorce yourself emotionally as much as possible from the market. And always keep your device close by for updates from Crypto Lark

  5. No currency idea is backed by anything accept peoples support/beliefin it. There are only the natural resources and elements of the world, and the way we choose to organize around that. Man made ideas superimposed over the natural world will always result in problems, especially in the hierarchical societies of the last few millennia. This new idea of crypto and blockchain is just part of humanities technological innovations to move society forward. The problem is the hierarchical structure keeps repeating as the crypto space is being highjacked by the establishment and the people/advocates of crypto arent doing a whole lot about itsome seem to even welcome it. For humanity to truly progress, we need to use these technologies to remove outdated, irrational social structures. Thats the only way crypto/blockchain will be successful

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