Bitcoin ETF News DisappointsKey Crypto Players Double Down

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Bitcoin ETF continues to fall on hard times, but the key players have not given up on the dream.


Bitwise Submits Bitcoin ETF Filing Saying ‘2019 Should Be The Year


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Bitcoin ETF News DisappointsKey Crypto Players Double Down

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  1. I still care about the ETF. I think it will help start the next bull run. But I don’t care about it happening really soon. I have time and I buy about a half a bitcoin every month for my cold storage. The longer it holds off (within reason) the longer I have to accumulate.

  2. Had to do research to respond adequately to someone. Here’s what I’ve found out/concluded.

    TL;DR There were two types of ETFs proposed. The SEC didn’t like both types because the markets are too small and they want to see large regulated (Wall Street) exchanges and futures markets.

    There are physically backed and derivative (the bad type) kinds of ETFs that were proposed. They were all rejected because the SEC thinks there is still a major risk of market manipulation and fraud. The proposed ETFs all wanted to track either exchanges (the gemini one only wanted to track their exchange, how’d they think they could get away with that?) And futures markets. The SEC thought both of these avenues were too small, in terms of volume, to be reliably used without the risk of manipulation.

    What the SEC wants to see are large regulated exchanges (so basically Wall Street exchanges) and a far larger futures market. These things will happen in time but until then nothing will be approved.

    They also don’t like the existence of our current exchanges (because they’re unregulated, not to mention DEXs’) and could always just use the presence of those as justification to never approve them.

  3. I too believe Bitcoin is at an incredible price at the moment and a great investment. I can’t believe there are channels now changing their views and claiming a 1k Bitcoin is now very likely just because one person that is held in high regard has done some technical analysis and said it’s 99.9% certain it will go to 1k. Some people can’t just have their own opinions and stick to them.

  4. No rules isen’t safe eithercrypto markets won’t self regulatewe will all be scammed or manipulated to death (which is what is happening now) if rules and guidelines are not established in the very near future. The CBOE are not dummies they have no need to play in the wild wild west.

  5. When it comes to rules for crypto, I partially agree also. дегенмен, the regulations should be over entities that want to leverage the ecosystem for their own gains. They should be identified and monitored. NOT the people who want to simply own cryptocurrency. The whole idea of KYC is upside down backwards because it creates a security vulnerability when we have to provide critical personal information to these companiesthat are leveraging the ecosystem”. орнына “KYBKnow Your Business should be implemented and a decentralized verification should be implemented to prevent network spam…. Anyways, that’s my 10 satoshi’s worth..

  6. I think the ETF is fud news, they are trying to secretly drop the price. But this time it held, we are at the bottom. And can’t go any further. I bet you they have already created the ETF, and have big money in place ready to explode. While the little guy panic sells off all their satoshi’s hoping not to lose everything. Its fud news think! I usually tend to buy and do the opposite of everyone else.

  7. In Andreas Antonopoulisanalogy of a decentralised crypto network being like a restaurant, the institutions are the equivalent of the drunk frat boys at the corner table.

  8. I think the CBOE’S decision to “ temporarily withdraw “ the Van Eck SolidX BTC ETF is a good sign because as the VanEck CEO said, they didn’t want to just slip through on a technicality or something and wanted to get approved through the proper channels with continued discussions of BTC custody and MKT manipulation of prices . So as soon as the Govt opens up I think the application will get going again and approved soon afterwards . The fact that BTC didn’t budge on the news is also a good sign . So let’s all shuffle up and hoddle 😎

  9. Crypto does not need Wall Street. They bring money to be sure, but they also bring centralization and crime. Let’s not forget the timing of Satoshi’s whitepaper, just after Wall Street heisted billions from the people of the world!
    The key is adoption which will happen when crypto is more convenient and easier to use than all other forms of money, imo.
    My small part, I got two neighbors to download wallets and I sent them some crypto, I buy Bitrefill gift cards to make some purchases, and I use actual crypto to buy medicine.
    Keep planting the seeds.
    Thanks for the daily vids.

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