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Jeff Berwick "The Dollar Vigilante" and I discuss markets, Bitcoin, EOS, anarchy, taxes, үкімет, and so much more!
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көріп үшін рахмет; сияқты сұраймыз, жазылу, және сіз осы пайдалы тапты, егер ортақ!

Bitcoin, EOS, & AnarchyJeff Berwick Chat


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

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  1. Two of my fave thinkers speaking about what i like most. Thank you Lark. I take the opportunity to point you out VeganCoin (i’m not related to it in any wa). Just i’d like to know more about the project and your take over it. Keep rocking, dude talking about cryptoson the internet!💚

  2. So according to Jeff, he wants the little people who will have a life changing experience by Crypto gains, to be completely demolished because they had the nerve to come to the market late and dream. Ал, the old school crypto boys, can continue to hold (cos they brought so cheap, and clearly entitled), and the financial whales, can all clean up. Thank goodness relics like him no longer represent the “people’s” market. What a complete arse.

  3. Barney I’m a big conspiracy guy and with the amount of information I’ve read and watched regarding how the world works, it’s guaranteed this sort of technology will take over. “олар” won’t allow it not to. I’m not a fan of being tracked 24/7 and all corporations and governments known my every move, knowing absolutely everything about me, but it’s past the point of no return. Atleast I’ll be making money while being depressed about it 😁

  4. Thanks Larkythese things are always a bit like the preacher, preaching to the converted, but still interesting to hear.
    I’d love to attend Anarchapulcowe’ll see, fingers crossed.

  5. I think many people who’s waiting for the panic and capitulation have forgotten the february low where 2300 dollar was ripped off the price of Bitcoin in 30-35 hours or so. The market sure was in panic- and capitulation mode back then. The following 5 months we’ve actually just been consolidating (in a volatile fashion), not been below the february low on higher timeframes. Even though the Wall Street Cheat Sheet is only theoretical, the price action coincide with that chartpanic and capitulation in february followed by a tripple bottom where the market entered anger and depression. According to the chart, “the sucker’s rallyshould be on the way (not taking it that seriously).

    I’m neutral unti I get confirmation from my various indicators, but there are some signals that favours the bulls at the moment.

    -Bitcoin has never price-wise revisited earlier (relatively big>1month) corrections after a bubble burst. We had some relatively big corrections back in june/july and september, and the market seems to respect these types of corrections as aone-timer” және “done-deallet’s move on”.
    -BTC-price is flirting with the lowest bullish exponential trendline in the history of Bitcoin at the moment (from october 2010 through march 2017 бүгін). The trendline represent a 340% exponential growth per year and BTC seems to respect it for now.
    -Bitcoin has never had two prolong bear markets in a row. There’s always short-term medium sized bubbles inbetween. I think this bubble was anInbetweener”.
    -Whoever comparing this bear market to the one in 2014-2015 are missing something essential. The bubble back then was enormous ==> the price increase per time unit was out of hand, and BTC had been through adouble-bubble” (first bubble appeared in early 2013 followed by the mt.gox-bubble in late 2013). These types of mega-bubbles needs time to recover. This time around we’ve had a more organic and healthier growth over time, but ended with a parabolic run in late december 2017. The damage done here is not that big compared to the massive 2013 bubble.
    -Most of the bubble burst in the BTC-history has been short-lived.
    -Volatility is low which may call for a bottom at these levels
    -“Everyonebelieves that Bitcoin will hit 3-5k. Whenever the majority believes something will happen, especially in a speculative market like cryptocurrrency, the contrarian will follow an alternative theory and probably profit from it.
    -As mentioned, there’s a lot of anger and depression in the market right now. The disbelief will get real when the rally kicks in and many bears who are waiting for lower prices may and will get rektas always.

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