Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency OTC Markets The Inside Story

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Доктор. Prash CEO of Caleb & қоңыр HTTPS:// and I discuss the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency OTC markets

ашу: This is an unpaid interviewfor a project that was deemed worthy of research time, Білім беру мақсаттары үшін жазу және шалу. Сонымен қатар, Мен қазіргі уақытта осы жобаға инвестиция емес,, бірақ болашақта мұндай мүмкіндікті қарастыру мүмкін.

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мұнда білдірді Барлығы менің пікірім және ресми емес инвестициялық кеңес болып – өз ақша қатерге тігіп бұрын өз зерттеулер орындаңыз.

Бұл видео пайдалану әрқашан нақты авторлық құқық иесі өкілетті емес, авторлық құқықпен қорғалған материал болуы мүмкін. Мұндай материалдық зерттеулер немесе академиялық мақсаттар үшін қол жетімді. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' бөлімінде көзделген кез келген осындай авторлық құқықпен қорғалған материалды 107 АҚШ Авторлық құқық туралы заң. Title сәйкес 17 U.S.C. Бөлім 107, Бұл бейне пайда жоқ таратылады, ғылыми-зерттеу және білім беру мақсаттары үшін.

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency OTC Markets The Inside Story

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  1. Well, Sargon of Akkad has been deplatformed by Patreon. Patreon used to be a platform that backed free speech but now the SJW’s have got their hooks into them and conservatives are being silenced. The globalists (who are pretending to be kind hearted socialist sjw’s) have all the money and all the platforms and one by one they’re erasing anyone who doesn’t toe the line to their globalist dogma. I’ve been looking for a bitcoin wallet that allows you to make automatic payments every month, something that isn’t centralized. What would be best would be a one that combines all the payments for that month into one transaction and sends it off. We badly need a substitute for Patreon that can’t be censored.

  2. What is the price differences between otc and exchanges? I heard large buys being done on otc, short positions are taken and then coins dumped on the exchanges. It’s a sure win for these large players. That should have been asked. The US is not just a big economy, they control the world at this point in time.

  3. Isn’t this (Биржадан тыс валюта) part of the old school centralized system? You can’t even make a buy without a broker/middle man right? I thought crypto purists were all about decentralization?

  4. Excellent work. I love how you cover various aspects (interviews, news coverage, thoughts on coins, және т.б.) Keep it up. One thing: I wish you would have pushed harder and had gotten a more definitive answer on just how much $$ is flowing in OTC trades. You might have been able to get an approximate # from Caleb and Brown and then we could extrapolate further.

  5. Crypto Lark ..This is an Excellent Interview and Caleb provided a lot of Insight. Crypto Product essentials, OTC Insights. Esp with the ridiculous expectations that ICO projects should deliver products in less than 1 yr.. Security tokens perspective with Intrinsic Equity value. Appreciate of your BEST 😀 esp in bear market

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