Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Жаңалықтар – Zencash Attack Update, Blood on the Blockchain, & Github Sold

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsArtist brings blood the blockchain, Github sells to Microsoft, Bitcoin mining wars heat up, South African banks running blockchain test, and Zencash updates.

Blood on the Blockchain


Bitcoin Vietnam

Vietnam Proposes Import Ban on Bitcoin Mining Equipment

SEC Czar

The SEC Just Appointed Its First-Ever Crypto Czar

Belgian Government

South Africa Blockchain


Icon Korea

Cardano Tokyo


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мұнда білдірді Барлығы менің пікірім және ресми емес инвестициялық кеңес болып – өз ақша қатерге тігіп бұрын өз зерттеулер орындаңыз.

көріп үшін рахмет; сияқты сұраймыз, жазылу, және сіз осы пайдалы тапты, егер ортақ!

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Жаңалықтар – Zencash Attack Update, Blood on the Blockchain, & Github Sold

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  1. Starts at 10:14 иә, that ZenCash interview was really enlightening. It’s time for exchanges to really start paying attention to the PoW-coins now, and the downside is that the coin will become really hard to use when they have to be confirmed so many times.

    Also note that new better ASICs will make old ASICs worthless, so someone could gather lots of the old ones, and only fire them up to do 51%-attacks now and then. If you at the same time short the coin on the futures markets, you can make a real profit. And if you expect to get profit from shorting the coin, you can make sure to for example mine 4 different competing chains and make sure that no chain is longer than the other. Then the chain is forked, and you can just continue to fork it until no one knows which chain to trust.

    I’m expecting a devastating attack on Bitcoin Cash soon, or a direct attack on Bitcoin like this soon. And unlike ZenCash, the Bitcoins have really no strategy that I’ve heard of. Maybe Bitcoin Cash can just sayThe chain that we mine is the true Bitcoin Cash, so don’t worry about the other longer chainsand then all illusions of it not being centralized are totally gone. Then it will be exactly like IOTA’s current pre-Tangle where no one trusts the confirmations unless they come from the IOTA Foundation’s coordinator. (This is however not centralized as everyone is free to just listen to another coordinator if they want or if IF for some reason confirms double spending which everyone will see.).

    But I don’t think Bitcoin Core has a way to save itself if someone uses about 10-30% of the hashing power to make sure that many chains are equally long so that the other miners just don’t know which one to select as it changes all the time. Note that you can actually short (way) more Bitcoin Futures than there are Bitcoins! It’s just like gold. More paper gold (фьючерстік) is sold than there is gold and that works because the owners of the futures contracts can’t actually get any goldjust some money depending on the prize of physical gold trades.

  2. When the tech leaders of the current generation promote Bitcoin as the future of money like Steve Wozniak and Dorsey have of late, well it tells you where you’re money should be.

  3. Microsoft probably will target developers using GitHub database, just to get more people into their development ecosystem . Well is it good or bad? 🤷🏽‍♂️. I think it’s good 👍because Microsoft spend money, so we might see twice as much better platforms for developers coming out. Money going into one project🌱, normally it’s works like fertiliser for whole industry which that project came from🌾🌞🌻

    Thank you for bringing first source of information regarding proof of work blockchains vulnerabilities. Which happened with an exchange with lower confirmations of Zencash blockchain example ✅👍📈💪💯 As long I understood it correctly😂. Now I understand why some exchanges take longer to process deposits🙃.
    Thank you for your diligence 👍💪🔥📈

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