Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Жаңалықтар – Venezuela, Lawsuits, Education, & Gemini

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Today in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsVenezuela passes the petro into legality and gives president power over it, Tim Draper slams India, Winklevoss twins announce Gemini bringing block trading, and Standford and other top unis increase Bitcoin classes.

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Twitter Ledger Wallet Giveaway

Venezuela Petro

Tim Draper Speaks Out Re India

More Countries Join Lawsuit Against Internet Giants

Bitcoin Kidnapping

Police Officers Charged in $1.3 Million Bitcoin Extortion Scheme

Gemini Block Trading

Stanford Bitcoin Classes

Nano Lawsuit

Bitcoin қолма-қол ақша

Lisk Core

Naga Wallet

Digix Gold Launch

Deep Brain Chain

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Жаңалықтар – Venezuela, Lawsuits, Education, & Gemini

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    Lark, you’ve turned me into a Tweeter! No other power in the world up until this point has managed to accomplish this, but you and your promises of largess!

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