Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Жаңалықтар – OKex Malta Move, Kim Dotcom ICO, & Crypto Piggy Banks

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Today in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsOKex going to Malta, Kim Dotcom ICO moving forward, Wollo and Stellar give us crypto piggy banks, Komodo giveaaway, and United Nations World Food Program showcases Ethereum in action in Jordan !

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Jordan Refugee Camp Runs on Ethereum

OKex Goes to Malta

Kim Dotcom ICO

Crypto Piggy Banks

Bitflyer Gets Tough

BitFlyer Exchange Toughens User Verification Amid Watchdog Scrutiny

Vietnam ICO scam

Santander & Ripple

Bitcoin May Be Sharia Compliant

Moodys gets in the mood for blockchain

Moody ның: Blockchain Could Save US Mortgage Industry $1 Billion

Cardano Audit

Cardano audit reports

Atlas Protocol

Apex Announcements


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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Жаңалықтар – OKex Malta Move, Kim Dotcom ICO, & Crypto Piggy Banks

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  1. Hey Larky! Loving the short and concise news videos. Always quality work from you. Keep it up. 👍🏻 Content is excellent.
    Not leaving my address …. I don’t have room in my backyard for 20 Komodo Dragons, but thanks anyway! 😉 😛😂

  2. Nice one dude! I enjoy the format & contentmight not fit in but I would like to see someone looking at software/platformswalk through/overview type of thing. Komodo, the sleeping dragon 😀 love itRHTHchiTv1kGFdNEEX5CRDihZ6tTaYai3L

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