Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Жаңалықтар – Ford Coin, Goldman Sachs, and Telegram Cancelled

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The latest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencyGoldman Sachs is bringing Bitcoin to Wall Street, Automotive blockchain coalition is going to be a big deal, Telegram ICO cancelled, South Korea chilling on ICOs, and so much more!

Goldman Sachs


BMW, Ford, GM: World’s Largest Automakers Form Blockchain Coalition




Coinbase Discloses Corporate Data In Response to NY Crypto Inquiry

Оңтүстік Корея


Humaniq Challenge Trailer 2018

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Жаңалықтар – Ford Coin, Goldman Sachs, and Telegram Cancelled

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  1. Bosch & IOTA are working on this model to benefit the entire automotive industry, the so called coalition will likely utilise The Tangle I think, IOTA price movement since this news seems to be aligned with this news, very likely something is going on in the background. Speculating of course but this makes the most sense to me. Go IOTA!

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