Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Chats with The Crypto Lark

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Check out the latest in crypto and bitcoin news and ask any burning questions you have on your mind.

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Chats with The Crypto Lark

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  1. Lark.. Im disappointed in you. Your. still on the Chrome crack.. It’s time to ‘Braveit up and put your chrome to the side.

    A week into using brave and I love it. Totally faster and only a few bugs to work out.

  2. ICO’s are like restaurants 90% are going to fail. If a ico tastes good support it long term or otherwise it will die. The customer decides which restaurant stays in business.

  3. I get excited when I see red because it’s time to buy if you hold long-term and you see red then it just went on sale. As long as adoption increases overtime so will the coins value.

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