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Shannon from Caleb and Brown and I discuss markets, EOS, banking situation in Australia and New Zealand, and the Melbourne Blockchain Centre.
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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Broker Caleb & BrownOZ, NZ, EOS, & Banks !

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  1. Thank you both for this interview. A lot of knowledge between you guys. I’m holding a boatload of EOS and will be voting for EOSphere to be our block producer here in Australia.

  2. Great conversation. I actually feel better that us Hawaiians are not alone. Misery loves company. The governments ego is way to big and adoption will obviously be the final option with their tail between their leg with scrambled egg face. Aloha.

  3. Solid video Lark!
    I’m not a fan of EOS, personally. But I do hope it succeeds for the sake of all of those who are invested. қимылсыз, the length and amount raised in the ICO rubs me the wrong way, along with a few other things.

    I’m guessing he meant arbitration, as mediation with a scammer would require them to cooperate. Arbitration would allow a 3rd party to alter a transactionwhich seems to go against one of the things people enjoy most about cryptocurrencies. Сонымен қатар, there is a point to fees. And as far as I understand things, EOS is attempting to rid it’s self of fees at the cost of never-ending inflation, and an ever increasing max supply. I prefer fees to yearly inflation, and uncapped max supplies, personally.

  4. And if I’m wrong in terms of EOS using 3rd party arbitration, or their method of inflation to avoid fees, please (somebody) do let me know. Also forgive me for writingpersonallytwice. I was apparently obsessively concentrated on expressing that my posts are my own opinion.

  5. Really good video, Lark! Thanks so much for posting it. Just two chill knowledgeable ambassadors laying out an upbeat and circumspect roadmap of things that are happening in the space and the necessary catalysts to take it next level. Almost made me want to crack a beer and join the chat.

  6. Nice to hear about EOS. I hear so much hype behind it but havent had the time to look into it myself. The way they are doing the ICO turns me off a bit. All I can think of is how can they have thier ICO token trading on open exchanges and the SEC wont go after them? I kind of fear they will.

  7. Crypto Brad I believe the SRC has regulation out now. They are targeting blockchain start ups now. And if there are US citizens buying a token on open exchanges. No KYC required and then being denied any kind of a swap once this ICO ends and they decide to do KYC at that point. I think the SEC will come down on them. Just my opinion. Project sounds great and I woulf like to pick some up once the Ico is over and tokens have been swapped. Dont want to risk my money until then.

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