Bitcoin & Crypto Price Predictions 2019 – New All Time Highs Coming Soon ?

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Bitcoin and cryptro prices could reach new all time highs in 2019 according to an analyst at Weiss rating. What are the reasons?


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Bitcoin & Crypto Price Predictions 2019 – New All Time Highs Coming Soon ?

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  1. You are so right about gold most people invest in gold mines so you are really not seeing any gold or have anything to show only the profits the company makes , and people with real gold at home won’t be able to trade dunny paper if the world goes mad nothing will

  2. Realistically I don’t see Bitcoin going anywhere near it’s ATH this year, the bear market will continue and we’ll see failed rallies and sideways action for the most part. We won’t hit 20k again until the year 2021, retail investors got crushed last year so they won’t buy it up to those levels and institutional money definitely won’t buy it up to those levels anytime soon as institutions buy low or they don’t buy at all. Realistically i see more pain for retail traders ahead causing more capitulation throughout 2019, I would guess $1k as the low and $6k as the high for 2019 as Futures popularity increases and the market matures.

  3. Man you’re amazing Lord Lark! 😀
    Your videos just get better and better!
    Excellent chat this one and I took a lot from it and feelinincredibly inspired.
    Cheers for all you do!!

  4. I look at gold like a jack of all trades. There are many things that prove more efficient than gold when put to use. The amount of gold Actually Used is very little. The business in recycling gold from computer parts is not one to be excited over. lol. There are materials that are more conductive, reflective, stronger, және тағы басқа. As for limitation,,,, well, people talk about space and asteroids but honestly, all we have to do is extract what is already close to the core of our earth to overwhelm ourselves with gold.

  5. It is good that 2019 started well in the market. BTC I agree is a strong store of value. It is still the one that is most decentralized and original to the vision of crypto. Holding strong, dispute what others say. Do you think it still good to always buy into BTC? for long term and peer to peer future? as always loved the video, good work, Sincerely JR

  6. About the 2018 outcome of the bitcoin price: most of the people remained extremely traditional in their fearful and / or cognizant dissonant market behaviour; The Bitcoin platform hasn’t succeeded (yet) in getting people to exit from the fiat-like trading market systems, өкінішке орай. Maybe this year will be better, mayby thereafter. But it is what it is, currently. But you better think, idk.

    People still have to learn Bitcoin is an independence platform by value and design for peers; all the rest is second to that, whatever electrical, маркетинг, сауда-саттық, or price discovery energy will be spent on it.

    Designing for independence should be and should have been rewarded in terms of monetary value increase of bitcoin units on the platform. Contrary to that it appears that only the 7 financial network effects, as summized by Trace Mayer, have been overwhelmingly overshadowing the actual value of Bitcoin which is an independency facilitating plaftorm, primarily .

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