$250,000 BTC by 2022 | Elon Musk Supports Andrew Yang | Bitcoin Жаңалықтар

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Will Brexit boost Bitcoin's price? I could! Mattie will tell you why that is as well as Tim Draper hedging his $250,00 btc price prediction and suggests that it might not be until 2023, with that being said, Draper remains very bullish on the future of the cryptocurrency. In other news, Elon Musk is now showing his support for the pro bitcoin US presidential candidate, Эндрю Ян.
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US presidential candidate and #Bitcoin pro Andrew Yang receive support from #ElonMusk !

US presidential candidate and bitcoin pro Andrew Yang receive support from Elon Musk!

Tim Draper hedges $250,000 Bitcoin price call

BRITCOIN: Will #Brexit put a rocket under Bitcoin?

BRITCOIN: Will Brexit put a rocket under Bitcoin?

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$250,000 BTC by 2022 | Elon Musk Supports Andrew Yang | Bitcoin Жаңалықтар

27 Пікірлер

  1. Is this coin controlled by the Elites or is it honestly Decentralised as Bitcoin was meant to be.
    Also what percentage is truly owned by Satoshi Nakamoto?

    Which is the No 1 Crypto Currency, please?

  2. I live in the UK and the economy is not looking good here. I would say we have unofficially gone into a recession. Brexit and further economic problems will cause a huge surge into Bitcoin as financial savvy people will remember what happened back in 2009, when Northern Rock stopped people from accessing their money. House prices are too high, wages too low, high street stores are closing, thousands of job losses, car sales down, big companies are also in trouble. First they will reduce interest rates, if they go negative, people here will not pay banks to hold their money, so bank runs will happen. Money printing will be their last resort, before stealing from savers and bank held gold and security deposit boxes will be confiscated.

  3. Don’t know as much as I would like about bitcoin but I do know something about politics and history.
    When someone like Yang comes a long you don’t squander it. His policies take some effort to understand and there are over a 100 of them but once you see the big picture it’s starts to make a lot of sense.

  4. 250k 😂😂lol, when btc cross 20 k again 90% of community thoughtoff booking the profits. People who are new & bought at all-time high always learner the hard lesson. Don’t believe these billionaire they always play safe game like Charlie Lee & ripple CEO, Justin sun .

  5. Хoрoшее видео. Интерecнo и познавaтeльнo, доступно и пoнятно.. Бoльшое cпасибo автору кaнaла!!

  6. I live in England and this Brexit saga has gone on too long. I dont think people realise the impact the no deal will have. I hear people talking about it in the pub and they dont seem to care. Bit annoying as I was hoping people would be panic buying BTC over here by now. People still think Bitcoin is a scam 🙈 its painful, it really is. I already have a ‘told you so’ t-shirt ready to wear at the end of the year haha

  7. WJS well said, but the problem is so many people over here dont care until it happens. Look at all the teenagers that voted ‘out’ and didnt know why when they were askedits ridiculous, like someone said above, the millenials are more interested in Love island

  8. decanted agree, most of the UK are blind to the upcoming situation. The youngsters are too busy watching reality TV, spending money on expensive cars and are glued to social media. I thought the older generation would have learned to prepare from the previous dot com and 2008 era’s. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    I have been telling friends and family to buy Bitcoin since early 2013 and no one listened apart from one family member. I have given up mentioning it and just keep on DCA’ing Bitcoin.

  9. The bullish scenario would be further strengthened once price rises to and above $12,145 which would lead to a retest of $13,000 confirming the bull revival. At this point I advise all to increase and build a strong portfolio. You can achieve this either by dollar cost averaging (buying periodically) but it’s expensive and less effective or by trading daily (more effective option). I have been able to grow my portfolio from 5 btc to 15 btc by trading daily. Trading is very easy if guided by a very experienced professional and I got this realization when a friend referred Caleb Easterby whose signals I have used in substantially growing my portfolio in btc and xrp. He has been a great guide, teacher and friend and I have become a much better trader because of him. The best thing is he is always available to offer his expert opinion on all crypto related issue. Caleb can be reached by mail (calebeasterby1190@ gmailcom) for inquiries about his system.

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