XRB Nano Raiblocks Stolen from BitGrail Hack! $180 Million Missing! Almost as big as Mt. Gox!

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Be careful, BitGrail just got hacked for almost $200 миллион!! It's been confirmed that 17 Million XRB Nano are gone! Full Details in the video.

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XRB Nano Raiblocks Stolen from BitGrail Hack! $180 Million Missing! Almost as big as Mt. Gox!

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  1. I lost my xrb before “hack” on bitgrail, i buy 290 XRB on 31 december 2017, and my last withdrawal was 28 december 2017, i never trade them and never withdrawal them, only disappeared.

  2. So that’s why The price dropped. I’m not surprised that shitty exchange got hacked. Several users seems to have complained about being unable to withdraw their funds.

  3. That’s not easily confirmed unless you know the wallet addresses of the hackers. Right now all we know is 17M XRB Have been taken off into the sunset and (while it’s likely being sold already) it may be being HODL’d for another spike for a bigger selloffJUST AN IDEA 💡

  4. That is true the majority of coins might of been sold. However with most exchanges been tipped off on the stolen Nano they are delaying Nano deposits. Binance and Kucoin in particular, so it’s hard to say how much has actually been sold off. If they are were to sell all the stolen XRB it would of dropped more then it did in price. Does anyone have a visualization/link of the trail of XRB from this theft? We should be able to find the wallets that are holding it and how much has been moved around. (People did this for the nicehash hack but that was bitcoin so maybe nano we dont have that type of data).

  5. Never have your coins on a exchange and before you put alot of money into a exchange try to deposit a small amount first to test if you can withdraw in the first place xD
    Xrb price will probably not grow so much in the near future so if you are smart, take your chance and bulk up before the price increases.

  6. We have done several updates to this topic as more information has come out. We make it clear that the hack was on BitGrail and that nano was the target. Ол кетейік, дегенмен, that there is still a debate ongoing as to exactly what occurred, with BitGrain CEO Firano claiming that vulnerabilities in the Nano tech were to blame. This seems pretty unlikely, but there are still no clear facts around the issue.

    On the whole, дегенмен, it seems as though BitGrail is at fault, non Nano. We cover that in a few videos since this on was published. 🙂

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