WILL CRYTOCURRENCY CHANGE THE WORLD? —and other news [Verge gonna dump?]

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Эй Altcoin Күнделікті командасы,
Today I wanted to go over what's been going on in the cryptocurrency market in the past week. I'll share my thoughts and insight.

In this video I talk about:
1) The state of the market
2) Bitcoin & what's been going on in the past week.
3) Big Money Whales manipulating the market
4) George Soros and other big money fomoing in
5) Сондай-ақ,, I talk about how the cryptocurrency revolution is happening all around us.

Will Cryptocurrency Change the World? It Already Has

6) Po.et update
7) And finally, I go over Verge and all the issues and red flags surrounding it.

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**Just opinion. Not financial advice.

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WILL CRYTOCURRENCY CHANGE THE WORLD? —and other news [Verge gonna dump?]

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  1. I was looking to buy Tokenpay myself as it seems like a legit project. дегенмен, the fact that they basically funded Verge (a joke of a scam coin from my perspective) makes me pump the breaks on Tokenpay. Thank god TPAY is on a small exchange that I don’t have an account on otherwise I may have already bought some.

    In terms of Verge itself (which coinsides with this video), Doug Polk (crypto channel, not poker) summed up Verge perfectly from my own point of view in a fantastically comical way. You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSO48XfsNTI

  2. The news announcement hype was on a bumpy washed out dirt road from the get goLooks like Verge made the 3 қарай 9 cent pump and now is not moving up until the announcement and it may go 10 cents or less….It is full of holes with stories of arrest and fork offs and theft and the partnership rumors sound weak ..I bought some at.084 and bad news started,made a few bucks ,SOLD IT F IT.

  3. You should probably do a vid on robin hood. They are allowing people to trade bitcoin on there too but are releasing it on a state by state basis. Unfortunately for me, im from Cincinnati Ohio and they haven’t released it here and i wonder if they released it out there in Cali. Anywho, keep it up bro. Love how your sharing the juice just for the sake of helping people. Thats 💯

  4. Well you know how you made one on binance? Sorta like that. Do you think its a good platform or no? Do you think you should use binance over it? Theres been millions of people who signed up for robin hood crypto and im over here wondering when theyre going to release it here. But also, it has options and regular stocks too. Haa, im just like you but maybe younger. Im just some 21 yr old trying to make some smart money moves and be an early part of a currency revolution. If you dont have the time tho bro, i understand. Just a content suggestion for you, ha, not like you needed it tho.

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