Will Amazon Create Their Own Cryptocurrency? THE TRUTH [Crypto/Bitcoin News]

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Is Amazon getting into crypto? Let me give you the truth. I'll break it down. I'd love to hear your point of view.

Amazon Will Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency:

Will Amazon Create Their Own Cryptocurrency?

Will Amazon Create Their Own Cryptocurrency?

***NOT Financial advice. Just my opinion. Make your own decisions and opinions. Do your own research.

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Will Amazon Create Their Own Cryptocurrency? THE TRUTH [Crypto/Bitcoin News]

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  1. Awesome video Altcoin daily.
    Also is it normal for an altcoin to lose 90% from its peak in December? Does that reflect on the coin’s quality?
    I’m asking this because there’s a great coin with a working product coming next week but it’s value has dropped during this bear market and people always criticise its current price rather than looking at their product.

  2. It’s hard to believe Amazon will make their own coin but they might make their own safer exchange and probably buy an already existing coin just like did when they bought Lovefilm and made it into their own version of Netflix. They will definitely be accepting more cryptos in 2019

  3. I thought of what else you were going to say…. Amazon using crypto would be positive for public acceptance. дегенмен, there is no such thing as privacy if you use theFANG” компаниялар, so fans ofprivacy coinswon’t likely be too excited about it. Is that what you were trying to remember? Thanks for another interesting video!

  4. When I first got into crypto in Feb I subscribed to almost every crypto channel out there . Now I have streamlined to around 15 , I will most certainly keep subscribing and watching to Altcoin Daily. : )

  5. Altcoin Daily Thanks for your take. I don’t want to sound like a shill telling you about a coin with an unreleased product(yet). дегенмен, come next week when it’s launched successfully, I will definitely send you the link and some pictures of the product in my hand.

    Waiting for your next video, keep up the awesome content.

  6. Alticher was irresponsible when he was saying in the spring that Amazon was going to start accepting Bitcoin and they were going to have this huge announcement. He did this to sell more products and useless news letters. Irresponsible because Bitcoin’s transactions are slower than needed, expensive and to your point volatile. Too volatile for Amazon’s blood at this point. He really ought to be ashamed of himself. Until the Lightning Network gets launched nobody wants to touch bitcoin except Mom and Pop small retailers for now anyway. Keep up the great content. I appreciate you guys too. I have learned so much in the last year and partly to you guys.

  7. +Quinn Drake Mass adoption has to happen first for crypto Buddy. That was my point. 6.5 billion people on the planet don’t even know what bitcoin is let alone alt coins. Amazon coin would be an ALT COIN. If you ask the average person on the street what XRP or DASH is they would not know.

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