WARNING to Electroneum! MUST WATCH Before Investing! [Altcoin/Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin]

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Let''s talk about Electroneum [ETN]. I want to share with you my opinion

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***NOT Financial Advice. Just Opinion. Make your own decisions.

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WARNING to Electroneum! MUST WATCH Before Investing! [Altcoin/Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin]


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

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  1. I like ETN. i like the team. The tech team is poor but their plans are basic and the marketing will not just make them succed but enable them to hire better developers in time.

    The crowd is very ‘cultlike which is more a reflection on society than anything. Still a better community than EOS, Verge etc..

  2. Toxic community is a big problems with a lot of altcoins including Tron, Verge, және т.б.… Now looking for a crypto with a real use case, I can see Electroneum step forward after instant payment become fully in place from October. Is a long journey to achieve mass adoption and the unbanked but I think they are on their way to do it. Price will grow and realistic I think that $0,25 by end of year can be achieve.

  3. I have to disagree with the way you did this video You should have two videos. One video critiquing the community, the other evaluating the Electroneum company overall. иә, I understand that you already evaluated the coin, but I think it’s unfair to to link the company’sevaluation to the community’sattitude.

    The long term success of Electroneum is not hinged on the fanboys. It’s determined if they can execute on their partnerships with the Telecom’s and spreading the use of Electroneum. When telcos are sitting down with the Electroneum team, they’re looking at the numbers and potential profits that could come from this deal. They’re not sitting around the table wondering if these toxic fanboys will continue to drag down the whole Electroneum Company.They could care less about how the local community is acting.(both positive/negative.)

    @4:10 “The biggest flaw…” You seem to suggest there that the community is the biggest con of Electroneum. I disagree with that statement. I don’t think they’re a significant factor. Most coins go through a phase of being new, and people flock to the coin. They go up in price, and then the price is readjusted. The coin is going through a bear market. Most coins have lost lost considerable value.

  4. Please tell me witch coin did not drop in price since last bullrun ??? Etn managed and still hold his ico price, so please give the right information almost all coins are doing bad at the moment is not etn fault or the community fault for the drop in price it’s the whole market that’s down.

  5. The thing is the ETN project has alot of people that attack it on false grounds or misinformaton. The community i would say is passionate not so mich toxic. A community is suppose to be strong and stand up for the project in a healty way. But usally its gets intense bc of the ridiculous things said at the community. It takes a very passionate community to get this big of a goal accomplished. I agree some ppl in the community are very immature. If they are this hated its a good sign they will be huge in the future. Great video. Etn will be the Facebook of cyptocurrency. Not the higest vauled coin but will have a strong presence in the space

  6. What people dont understand is ETN is still in its DEVELOPMENT phase. I’m not sure why the expectations are so high for ETN when they arent fully developed and launched. What about price? қайтадан, THEY ARE STILL IN DEVELOPMENT phase.

  7. My biggest issue with all Electroneum YouTube videos is that content creators seem to use Electroneum’s name with misleading titles for clickbait. This video is no different. Your title suggests that you would be presenting a case to invest or not invest in Electroneum. орнына, the entire video was a rant about thetoxicElectroneum community.

  8. What happened to etn being a 2-3 year min hodl? That’s what I was thinking from the beginning so this negative stuff now doesn’t make sense. I agree that there is alot of hype but what other coins are mooning right now? Are there a bunch of great projects going off right now and etn is pooing out?

  9. Thanks for the video. Electroneum is a super strong young project. It is performing now just as good as bitcoin. Btc was at 7,500 during the ICO. Etn in fact went up it market cap Since that time by about 30%. I think that by crypto standards the project is super stable. If you take a look at the chart of any random top coin between top 50 and top 100 their charts will look very similar so there is nothing special in the behavior of Electroneum price, it only shows that all the projects follow the general trend. Олардың барлығы. Now Electroneum will be the first one with a real working product that can be mass-integrated. There is not a single project out there that is similarly easy to use. The value of the project in its utility, but it has not been unlocked just yet. I think that so far the results of their work are remarkable. Everything they do, including dealing with some flaws and mistakes tells me that they handle the business extremely well.

  10. Anthonie Goosen I will tell you what is always the most hilarious aspect in any financial market. All critics are so damn fucking poor. Why is that? How come if they are so motherfucking clairvoyant, they are not all fucking BILLIONAIRES? Think about it. These faggots will never answer you but instead call you afanboyand do a faggotry laden fake online laughs.

  11. ETN is flatlining right because there’s no real technological hype about it. The product and plan hasn’t been released and executed yet. Not to mention pretty much the whole market has no heartbeat either. People in the market only cares about hype and tech specs. A lot of people in the community are not very knowledgeable about the end game plan. Their main selling point is how they plan on executing their plan in mass adoption. Is it believable or achievable? I feel like it can be and I think a lot of people who religiously support this project believes so also. Technology wise, its not something special, but technology is not everything. With growth comes technology advancements regardless.

  12. The only thing I like about ETN is that I’ve made 10x my money in the ICO. Could have made even more if they didn’t lock us on their site for months. I’m pretty sure they did that on purpose.

  13. HI AD, thanks for sharing your views. I can’t like as I don’t agree will all you said, but I won’t down-vote either as you have some valid points. I feel you might be generalizing. Not all community members are like that. There is a view decent ones as wel. I agree there is a lot of ETN followers that makes unrealistic predictions. There’s also a lot of them that cannot take criticism. Personally I just feel it is so visible due to the huge community. I think all crypto communities have their idiots, but most communities are much smaller and therefore less noticeable. I don’t necessarily feel ETN has the best technology, but I respect and believe in Richard Ells. You can see he is doing his best, and I think he is going about it the right way. Only time will tell. Тағы да рахмет, I enjoy your channel.

  14. Will take good couple of years once their project is in full implementation, hopefully then we may see a half moon haha, will hodl for the long run in the mean time and add more

  15. I think etn does want to add value to the world, they have some noble goals as an example, helping the productive unbanked. If they can create a usable currency in these sections of the world that have no access to digital money that alone will be impressive. Cryptos are very speculative but we need to see it put into so real world uses so hopefully they can do that.

    I just hope that the asics mining doesn’t kill off electroneum before it even begins. It won’t matter if we can get to a point of demand outstripping the supply but until then its a steady decline.

  16. Linking price action directly to the ETN community (shillers and haterz) seems a bit far fetched to me. Going by that logic, why are all other coins down 80% or more too?

  17. Altcoin Daily the FUD attacks caused the sell off, not the “fanboys”. Until they deliver, all crypto projects value rises with hype and lowers with FUD. Just how it is.
    It puts things into perspective when you think about all the incredible news ETN team came out with and the lack of warranted price rise.

  18. Have found your videos like a week ago and as a Electroneum fanboy found this one interesting. For some reason I did not watch those ETN to 500$ videos ever and I think I mostly just got the good parts of the community. The only issue was that if I mentioned ETN anywhere I got so much hate and people calling it a shitcoin. I never understood why. But now after this video I finally see why people were hating on ETNbecause of the toxic delusional and overly optimistic gamblers that gave such a bad image of the community. I’d love to see you cover more ETN news also in the future. Its nice to watch realistic content 👍

  19. Google banned ALL Mobile-Mining Apps ACCEPT For Electroneum…? Does that not sound strange to anyone else … ? … or is it just because Electroneum isn’t a Mobile-Mining App – ? – it’s merely a simulation of such – ? idkyou tell meplz do tell if anyone knows…. Thx

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