Coinbase adds Ethereum Classic? Ontology Vechain Waltonchain IOTA LOOM Bitcoin & Crypto Жаңалықтар

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Біз сізге төменде біздің қарау туралы не ойлайтынын білуге ​​мүмкіндік береді сұраймыз! Сіз осы монеталар кез келген өткізеді?

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Coinbase adds Ethereum Classic? Ontology Vechain Waltonchain IOTA LOOM Bitcoin & Crypto Жаңалықтар

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  1. Right on Elliot. Great video. And you fixed it so promptly. Y’all over there at FUD are really on top of it. That ETC pump happened during band practice last night. I saw a couple notifications while we were playing, but you know what it’s like with all the clickbait titles. I shrugged it off till after practice and ended up missin the boat. I can tell you that I am really excited for the vechain launch. Ontology too, but I am not nearly as invested in ONT. VEN was the whole reason I got into crypto. Speaking of ONT nep5 and airdrops….I saw that those MCT tokens we got dropped are on an exchange now. Supposedly they will save people a ton in GAS. Sure hope so. I would love to end up getting some nice coin out of that. It’s a bloodbath out there. I’ve got a couple job interviews scheduled, one of them with SpaceX. Like I said previously, I havent really cared about getting laid off, until we get a dip like this and literally everything is on sale. Keep up the great work there Elmer Fudd. Catch ya around the block……chain

  2. Well done!! Hodl VEN & ONT (1 of my favorite projects)!! Regarding car projects any thoughts CarVertical? I consider myself very new to this space (bought my first BTC in Nov 2016) and I listen to a lot of channels. I put your channel in my top 3 by far. Keep it going and hats off to you! Peace!

  3. they only didn’t charge trading fee on promotion when switcheo first launch.. its already end.. if you are holding switcheo u get 50% off for trading fees just like BNB. no withdraw fee for switcheo .. IDEX is very expensive for trading and withdrew .. but many good coins in idex. switcheo will be the next IDEX next year

  4. haven’t done extensive research but after looking at this for about 20 минут, you couldn’t pay me to touch TripCash. Will not be reviewing, I don’t see the point in ripping it apart. Decentralized travel platforms have so many layers of adoption to fight against. Best of luck if you put your money in, i would NOT.

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