Негізгі Назар аударыңыз Төкен: A Deep Dive!!! + Dow Jones News!

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Эй Altcoin Күнделікті командасы,
Today I wanted to do a deep dive on Basic Attention Token (BAT)! I think this cryptocurrency company has a big future and I wanna share with you why. Also we look at the Dow Jones Media Group's recent news to publish using Brave’s token!

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**Not Advice. Just Opinion. Do your own research.

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Негізгі Назар аударыңыз Төкен: A Deep Dive!!! + Dow Jones News!

26 Пікірлер

  1. Good post. I’m invested in BAT. I see it growing at least to 8-9x from where we’re at nowHave you heard of Unetwork (UUU). Lesser known, Lower cap coin with decent volume. So much room for growth. I think it will be a BAT and STEEM competitor.

  2. Altcoin Daily
    Would like to see your objective research ! Your content , delivery & consistency is excellent …….. Love your show ! It’s a great tool for us out here
    Much Peace To You

  3. honesty speaking, now, trx and odessy are pumping and dumping. I now feel,trx and odessy are scum. I dumps odessy after x3 .
    they just keep pumping coins value to usd. I stay away from trx, ocn, and xvg.

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