Are Bitcoin Futures Affecting The Market? WHO TO BLAME??

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Let's talk about the latest cryptocurrency news! Are Bitcoin futures affecting the Bitcoin price?? Some say yes. But what are bitcoin futures, and how do you trade them? Let's dig in. This is an informative video.

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**Not financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research.

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Are Bitcoin Futures Affecting The Market? WHO TO BLAME??

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  1. The physiological power of information is the cause of market movement, getting u fearing the Prometheus flame, holding and using btc is different from credited investors,

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  3. Hey, another video update and another interesting video to watch! Yeah definitely, altcoins are suffering because of the bitcoin price goes up and down. I’m really waiting to see just the small signs of the bull run, but those are my hopes. When people start fomo buying btc everything will be back tonormal”. Cheers.

  4. Great video Austin! Whole crypto market is suffering, it’s in bloodbath again, altcoins are red everything is red except some ICO coins. I’ve noticed some guy posting on your channel about token related to traveling, it caught my eye but I would like to hear your thoughts on that before investing in it, thanks.

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