APPLE CRYPTO vs FACEBOOK LIBRA? 😱Bitcoin ETF (what they won’t tell you!)

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APPLE CRYPTO vs FACEBOOK LIBRA? 😱Bitcoin ETF (what they won't tell you!)

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  1. Bitcoin ETFs are problematic….look at GLD and SLV….used to manipulate gold and silver.

    It’s not like we already don’t have enough problems with whales and
    phony trades on all of the crypto exchangeswhere the entire number of
    Bitcoin or Litecoin change hands every day or twonow we will have to
    deal with the Wall St. crooks who are drooling for the chance to do
    their own crypto market rigging! I don’t care if BAKKT’s exchange is
    backedby actual Bitcoin! Hell, the COMEX is supposedly backed by real
    gold and silver but it allows 100 қарай 1 leverage over what is in the
    warehouse for Pete’s sake! BAKKT will do the same thing, mark my words,
    and will also push the envelope and actually hypothecate any Bitcoin
    traders may deposit with BAKKT’s custodian encumbering it with loans
    and such. Or even outright selling of customer Bitcoin unbeknownst to
    the customeruntil it is too late! Look at what happened with MF
    Global when Corzine stole customerssegregatedfunds held by a 3rd
    party! It’s a bloody joke! And Corzine did not have to pay the money he
    stole back nor did he go to jail and was never charged with a crime! егер
    you or I did that we would spend a long time in jail!

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