Altcoins On My Radar Under 5 Cents!!

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Эй Altcoin Күнделікті командасы,
Ең біріншіден, thank you all for checking in with our channel every day. I appreciate when you comment and provide insight. Helps build a community!

Let me show you some Altcoins that are on my radar!


**Just my opinion. Not financial advice. Do more research and make your own decisions.

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Altcoins On My Radar Under 5 Cents!!

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  1. I agree that the title is misleading! MC is more indicative of a coin’s true evaluation. Although all 3 coins have huge potential for growth, BABB is the small cap gem!

  2. Great video as always. Consistent viewer and aspiring content creator myself. I’m BULLISH on BLOCKCHAIN and I’m FIRED UP to tell you why! BTC to 6Figures !! Liked & subbed for a while now 🙂

  3. People shouldn’t overlook ECA. It will announce its first ATM and POS partnership on June 28th. Many more upgrades and announcements are expected in the coming weeks too. It’s still at 20 sats today. Better get in before it makes a move!!!

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