Altcoin күнделікті: The TRUTH about ELECTRONEUM (ETN)- Calling Out Jeff From Altcoin Buzz?

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Hey Team,

There is a lot of hype and fud involving Electroneum (ETN). Today I give you guys the cold hard truth about Richard Ells and the company. I share with you whether I think ETN is a good investment.
Сондай-ақ,, I shine some light on Jeff from Altcoin Buzz and give him a critique on some of the video's he has made about ETN.

Peace and Love

**I am not a financial advisor. These are just my opinions. Do your own research.

Altcoin күнделікті: The TRUTH about ELECTRONEUM (ETN)- Calling Out Jeff From Altcoin Buzz?

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  1. First you should do a detailed research before talking about mobile miningeverywhere Richard Ells has clearly mentioned that is a mobile mining experience…. everyone knows that it is not a real miningpls do a good research on Electroneum before posting such videos

  2. While I get your analysis on the tech, the fact that it’s simulated mining is what will make it attractive to the average user. This will bring in people who don’t know a damn thing about crypto which then leads to mass adoption. That’s what they’re shooting for and this app and their marketing will help achieve this.

  3. After watching your video, the one thing I will argue with you about is the centralization of ETN. иә, the mobile miner iscentralizedin that they are distributing the coins to users themselves, but the whole point of the app is to give people a taste of crypto that have no idea what it is from a technology standpoint and don’t want to invest thousands of dollars in a mining computer or risk having their cell phones catch on fire. I’ve personally recruited 20 people to download the ETN app and I gave them a few ETN to start out with. Every single one of them wanted more ETN. Once I gave them a little taste, they got addicted. I think this littlegimmickis going to be more powerful than most people think.

  4. To add, the blockchain still is a decentralized PoW blockchain in reality, so the project itself is still decentralized. In reality, the way new coins are generated for any blockchain is that the coins are literally created out of thin air. The mobile miner is basically the same thing, except the team has just pregenerated the coins. The only thing I will say about the mobile miner that doesn’t add value to the blockchain is that it doesn’t do anything to speed up transactions.

  5. Ең біріншіден, almost every coin out there is a hype and a pump based on very little real-world use or accomplishments. Show some respect for a coin that is at least trying to break the mold, with a gonzo but truly bold plan. When free email came out, people thought that was stupidhow can you give away anything that costs you something? If you think more deeply about “тау-кен ісі” all of it issimulatedin the sense that coins are released to “кеншілер”. The bitcoin miners do not “жасау” монеталар. They do work for the blockchain, for the system, and once they show proof of that work, they are rewarded with some coins released by the system. Well, when a mobile user does something the system wants (in this case just turning on the app) they will be rewarded by the system release of coins. Basically aProof of Attentionmodel. It’s the same broad concept, just a different definition and scale ofproviding value”. Time and again for 20 years the modelget eyeballs and worry about monetize laterhas been hugely validated, over and over, Facebook, Twitter, Google, no end to it. Crypto people are proud little snobs, deriding ETN as anoob’s coin”. These critics are the same people who’d have sneered at the Apple II and the first Mac as a noob’s computer.

  6. I see your point and is true that everyone should be careful into not falling for the hype before seeing actual facts but also you misunderstood(and hey I think a lot of people do) what is the difference between aMobile Miner” және “Feasible Mobile Miner”.

    Having the technical knowledge that I have, I would never ever invest in an alt coin with an actualMobile Minerbecause is doom to fail simply because mobile phones are not designed for mining(or any other sort of compute intensive task to be honest) hence they terribly inefficient as result and if you think hard about it from an user perspective no one is gonna want an app that make your phone a hot brick in your pants that burns 40$ at month from your data plan miningStuffthat you can exchange for 30 цент(and here we are prolly talking about a high end 845 snapdragon phone) a month later and slave you to recharge your device every 20 минут.

    I know, for an actual miner(CPU/GPU real mining desktop class hardware) seems unfair that thisFeasible Mobile Minerconcept just hand out coins from a simulation or any other form of very light computing solution but in the big picture the real miner will always make more coins overall than the mobile simulation and they will receive the bigger reward at the end, since cryptos biggest weakness right now is lack of use(compared to any FIAT paper bond that regular people use) and exposure(the more companies use crypto the better from a legal and legislative standpoint).

    About Monero, well I think you are making it a bit bigger than it should be. I mean giving the fact this guys route is easiest to use/widespread/millions of users/etc. marketing standpoint, Monero make the best sense since is probably the easiest and more efficient blockchain algorithm(for this use case) since it can be mined on any CPU’s and GPU’s from RPI all the way up to high threaded multi-cpu server systems, have excellent client support(Android, Mac, Linux, Windows) and have very nice pool support piggy backing on any existent Monero pool infrastructure.

    My point here is, not every alt coin should have to reinvent the wheel every time to be interesting and I personally find very professional their decision to adopt a great robust existing scalable blockchain and focus on the other problems instead of spending years reinventing the wheel again.

    All and all great video but I would recommend you to dig a bit further about actual technical side of things and why those technical choices were made(hey, this will help both ways, to reinforce the coins that deserve it or expose scams early on)

  7. You said that you have made a lot of money in crypto implying that you know what you are talking about so we should listen to you without any significant proof. Then you elude to saying Altcoin Buzz is the reason why you got into the communityand then your answers regarding the tech, whitepaper and so forth is basically a regurgitation of what other youtubers have been saying who also didnt do enough research on etn. All of this just doesnt really cement your case as someone who knows what he is talking about when it comes to etn. All you have to do is google ‘network effectand you’ll realize the speed at which etn is progressing is miles ahead of literally most other cryptos. Finally why the heck would large companies be signing partnerships with etn if they have no future.

  8. But an opinion what is based on the wrong conception of facts about the mobile experience is really miles apart from each other. You can not just fabricate information and then answer it’s just my opinionThat does not make sense at all. That takes away all credibility..

  9. Couldn’t agree more. Especially that last line about crypto people being snobs. THey think they’re the only one that matters, but the reality is, regular joes are the ones you want using the coins because they’re the bigger part of where crypto currency wants to be. They’re the ones that will actually use the coin, not trade them for profits in exchanges.

  10. My biggest gripe with this video was that you assumed a lot of people dont understand that it is simulated mining when most people do know. Even in the videos Richard Els claimed its an experience, yet somehow you dismissed that. This is why you got all the thumb downs. You sound really cynical about the project even though I don’t think that is your intention.

    Also tech doesn’t need to be original. It just needs to work and it needs to work well and it needs to be easy to use. ETN hadn’t shown that it has worked 100 percent well yet, but its a working product, and Monero is proven to be a good blockchain tech.

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