Altcoin Daily Deep Dive: Power Ledger -Why I Think POWR is a GREAT Long-Term Investment!

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Hey guys,
Today I wanted to do a deep dive on Power Ledger (POWR) and tell you why I think POWR is a GREAT long-term investment! I break things down and give you the most relevant information that you want to know.

Power Ledger is a peer-to-peer energy trading company. It solves two big problems in energy consumption:
1) Making energy greener and cleaner
2) Making energy cheaper
Power Ledger already has a working product and will definitely grow in the next several years as more and more countries and communities adopt the technology.
Follow me and let me tell you why I think Power Ledger is a great investment right now.

*I am not a financial advisor. These are only my opinions. Do your own research and make your own decisions.

Altcoin Daily Deep Dive: Power Ledger -Why I Think POWR is a GREAT Long-Term Investment!

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  1. this coin is a must. If this is a 4th industrial revolution you need to have coins that Increase efficiency to POWER Generation/distribution LOGISTICS Produce tracking/moving/authenticity and COMMUNICATION Networks Speed/inclusion anti censorship band width controls. I think if your in coins that have strong teams that have direct impact in these 3 feilds you will do really well. Maybe internet of things will be strong for logistics. iota maybe a beauty if they can achieve what they want to in Taipei.

  2. I bought 2200 coins at .35 cents yesterday. I plan on buying more tomorrow before it spikes with BTC. This coin is going up a min. туралы 10,000% within the next 12-18 ай.

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