🚀 Bitcoin vs BitcoinCash with ROGER VER! + Cryptocurrency adoption & Көбірек!

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The New Kids On The Blockchain talk to 'Bitcoin Jesus' Роджер қарау, about Bitcoin Cash (МПБ) their plans for the future, privacy, mainstream cryptocurrency adoption , saving 20% 30% on amazon purchases using BCH and more.

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🚀 Bitcoin vs BitcoinCash with ROGER VER! + Cryptocurrency adoption & Көбірек!

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  1. Here is Roger reading a script at Gox saying it is solvent etc.. This was created after Gox had some withdrawal issues and people were already saying it was insolvent… Сол уақытта, Ver was trusted in the community.. He somehow got his funds out, because he was partnered up with Karpeles.. watch?v=UP1YsMlrfF0

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  3. What a load of bullshit. Roger had no idea about what was going to happen at that time to Mt. Gox. If he had he would have been prosecuted by now. He lives in Japan (the juristiction of Mt. Gox and prosecutors).

  4. If bitcoin cash gets huge the anonymity set of shuffling coins will be even larger than dedicated privacy coins (better privacy)… you can dial it up or down any time by paying more for more shuffles. This anonymity set is literally all that any of the privacy coins do. Bitcoin cash can literally do EVERYTHING better. Tokens better than ETH, p2p micropayment channels better than segwit/LN.

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