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💯The New Kids On The Blockchain are back again this week with our weekly round-up of cryptocurrency news, BTC, EOS, ethereum, ico security tokens, blockchain news and cool stuff!

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✔️Blockchain News!
✔️Can Crypto be considered a traditional asset class? Nicholas Khan-Roper from ETHBITS tells us!
✔️Abhinav Ramesh, бас атқарушы директор / Founder of WANDX, talks exchanges
✔️Amazing WANDX TOKEN Giveaway!



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🔥Blockchain Crypto News 🔥TOKEN GIVEAWAY!! + ETHBITS + WANDX

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  1. Liquidity in the most practical terms means low spreads and being able to get in and out of positions at market without too large a sacrifice on price.
    Volume just means overall amount traded on the exchange in the last 24 hours and this cannot be high if liquidity is low.
    Higher liquidity essentially enables people to trade higher amounts without losing an arm and a leg, so liquidity is a precursor to volume (no liquidity no volume), hence the top priority for any new exchange is to enable high liquidity on its markets.
    Big spreads would make me take the biggest jump around an exchange, as I’m not an arbitrage trader.
    Sticking to popular markets (at first?!) because all layers of participants can live anywhere except investors, they mostly hover around a few popular pairs (competitor data + a community poll can give a very good idea), so why have markets that can’t have the required layers?

    Further more easy access matters. Regular people might not be so into crypto and the market has to be as big as possible due to point 1.
    To this a slick and cutting edge UI belongs, also because alot of time gets spent in front of the Interface, plus in proportion, people who spend less time in front of it, need simple understanding.
    Nothing goes over DEX’es.
    CEX just cannot offer the amount of security and trust, coming from decentral alternatives. But even though it beeing a DEX, I would make sure the code is lizensed, best MIT.

    Access and optimazation of the UI. The exchange I would use instead of the exchanges I use now, would need easy and secure access from a desktop and from my mobile device.
    Meaning it needs full ledger support and a secured mobile app, not revealing the private key outside the device.

    The feestructure should at least be the same as with cex’es, optimaly lower of course. A narrative token reducing the fees is a must have.
    The code itself must be as fast as possible due to the limits of the blockchain speed. For best UX an offchain matching engine probably is required. for futur viability.

    All in all it must be a play out of all factors together, to just give the trader (me) a good feeling while using it. Feeling safe, secure and comfortable.

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